Guilt-Free Mothering (11-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Guilt-Free Mothering (11-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

This Shabbat, my children really needed me to be three places at once, and I failed. Here’s how I managed to stay guilt-free.


  1. Loved this. I am always telling people that my favorite piece of advice ever is “Be Guilt-Free”. But y’know there are those rare nights where I just can’t be guilt-free, when I’m exhausted and all that guilt hits me deep, that I don’t bake cookies with my children, that I don’t make challah and buy instead, that my house is messy and the laundry isn’t folded. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me, but it’s hard to be perfect and once in awhile, it bothers me a lot. But then when I’m done crying about it all, I can go on being strong again without all the guilt! Do you have that too?

  2. Just wondering how your kids felt about your choices? Specially the one who had the lead role? Did you make it up to her in some way? Or I guess she is mature enough to understand that it was just not possible for you to be there. You didnt mention that they were upset about you not being there for them. Very impressed.

    • I was also surprised how my daughter with the lead role didn’t seem upset that I came late. Everyone seemed fine, though my 10-year-old daughter who stayed here said she cried that I wasn’t here on shabbat to see the mural she had made. I will go to see the mural another day. And with my two girls in nachlaot, I went to see their murals after the performance.

      I was thinking the fact that I felt OK with my decision made it easier for my girls to live with it.

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