The Shema Yisrael Bus

The Shema Yisrael Bus

I try to say Shema with my little kids before they go to bed, and last night, before I put 14-month-old Yonatan into his crib, I thought “Why not?” and for the first time in his life I whispered into his ear: “Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokaynu, Hashem Echad.” In response he flashed me a huge teethy smile as if to say, “Hey, Eema, I learned that from the angel in your tummy. How do you know it too?!”

The other day, I was walking down King George Street in downtown Jerusalem when I saw this bus passing by. In another country, you see Shema in a prayerbook. You hear it in synagogue. And here, the central statement of Jewish faith, is driving down the street.

shema yisrael bus

Just one more reason why I LOVE ISRAEL!


  1. Totally awesome, thank you!

  2. That is absolutely incredible!!!!

  3. Many mothers sing shema including veohavta to their babies from the day they are born. What a baby sees and hears has a profound long term affect on them. Amazing bus sign.

  4. When I saw those buses, it actually disturbed me. It made me feel like the holy was being profaned. Even though we say it aloud in shul, it felt strange to have it being shouted out in the street.
    So thank you for giving me a positive way to look at it.

  5. When my babies are born I say Modeh ani and shema to them. I feel like it is the most appropriate thing to say at such a miraculous moment.

  6. I think having the Shema publicly displayed on a bus can help reconnect all Jews who see it to Hashem which is something we really need in these days. Many moms not only say Shema and Modeh Ani,they will wash the baby’s hands for negel vaaser (morning ritual hand washing) as well as start saying brochos with/for them as they start eating solid food. Though I have heard that some even will say the brocha for the baby before the child nurses. Anything we can do with an infant or young child leaves an impression for life.

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