A Song I am Loving: “Light Touches Light” by Moriah Nave

A Song I am Loving: “Light Touches Light” by Moriah Nave

I read about Moriah Nave in Pnima magazine, and think she and her song are simply exquisite. Her song reminds me of something I once heard– that the word in Hebrew for crisis is “Mashber” which also means labor and birth. Or, as Moriah Nave puts it, “When the heart is splitting, a new day is born.”

Light touches light
Song kisses song
When the heart is splitting
A new day is born

Soon the sun will set
Also yesterday’s shadows
A ray of light enters the heart
It came to heal everything

Come, give me your hand
We will fly away from here
To the world where
it’s possible to understand

That light flows out of light
song is reflected in song
Heart touches heart
Not far from here

אור באור נוגע
שיר אל שיר יישק
כשהלב בוקע
יום חדש נולד

עוד מעט תשקע השמש
גם צללים של יום אתמול
קרן אור ללב חודרת
באה לרפא הכל

בא תתן לי יד
ונעוף מכאן
אל עולם שבו
להבין ניתן

שאור מאור נובע
שיר משיר נשקף
לב בלב נוגע
לא רחוק מכאן.


  1. I wish I could remember where I heard this – maybe one of you will recognize it and tell us. It was explained to me that when we recite God’s word, it rests on top of our heart. When trouble comes, and our heart breaks, the words fall into our heart and become life and light to us.

  2. I learned this idea in a slightly different version from the first paragraph of Shema. When we say al levavecha it means that the words of Torah should pile up on our hearts until they get so heavy they fall through and penetrate our hearts.

  3. Oh Shulamis- that is so beautiful!

  4. the song and especially the comments are exquisitely gorgeous. just what i needed to hear/read right now. thank you so much!

  5. Rachel Aviner

    is there a way to get a cd?

    • JewishMom

      not sure she has a CD of songs. looks like she mostly has relaxation CDs, maybe there’s contact info on Youtube for her?

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