What the Mother of Hallel Yaffa HY”D is Asking You to Do

What the Mother of Hallel Yaffa HY”D is Asking You to Do

This morning, while asleep in her bed, 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel, a dual Israeli and American citizen, was brutally murdered by an Arab terrorist.

Rena, Hallel’s mother, told Arutz Sheva, “This morning our daughter, a 13-and-a-half-year-old, an amazing girl, was murdered in her sleep. A girl who never committed a sin her entire life.

“Every mother and father should look at their own children and feel, every so slightly, the pain which we are feeling now.”

May Hashem send comfort to this grieving mother and father and family among the mourners of Zion.


  1. Yocheved

    I am so incredibly saddened by all this. I just finished watching the videos on Erutz 7.

    My daughter is 13, my only child, and I don’t know what I would do if she were ever taken from me like this.

    May they all be comforted, Hillel’s blood be avenged, and may we all see Moshiach soon and in our days! Please G-d, ad mosai?

  2. Rabbi Raanan, HYD son of the chief Rabbi of IsraelHARav Kook was murdered in his home on Tel Rumeida. What has changed since then. Israel is still choosing the false meraglim and Korach. It’s not the sin of the spies, not the sin of Korach that is killing our future, It is the leaders that put their yourth in jail without reason and let Abbas incite on, inciting the whole world with Big Lies and hate. This must stop to save our children, our mothers, our future and the whole world. We are suffering plagues because of the enslavement to a lunacy that lets hate be taught in a country of love for life. It’s time to stop the demerits of accepting a people who will hate even if Israel is gone. they suicide their kids and are killing across the globe. In the merit of Hallel Yaffa let us affirm
    that Torah is a rule for life and innocence must not be violated. There is no peace when those who see the deception continue to call for two states. Jordan is 78% of Israel. Let the imported Arabs go back home.
    as they claughtered in the 1920s amd 1936 they fled back to Syria thinking they would be punished. Now they get streets anmed after them and are paid by the nations of the world so they too are suffering an idiot’s peace.
    Lt us know no more murder and sorrow. We are all Hallel Yaffa. She is us and if we take HIS laws into our hands like Shlomo HaMelech we will again know peace.Let the peace game be over. It has killed too many of our dear one. the pain will never go away. No more pain

  3. Hamakom yenaschem eschem bsoych avlei Tzion v’Yerushalayim

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