If You Don’t Feel Pretty, Watch This (2-Minute Inspirational Video)

If You Don’t Feel Pretty, Watch This (2-Minute Inspirational Video)

The other day I ran into my neighbor, a single mother, but I didn’t recognize her, since she was wearing a nice shoulder-length sheitl instead of her usual headscarf. She even had on some makeup, unusual for her.

“You look great! Are you going to a wedding?” I asked.
“No,” she responded, with a smile, “but I made a rule for myself. Even though I’m not married, I make sure I always feel lovely.”

Ahh, I thought. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? To always feel lovely.

But I’ve been feeling a bit more lovely than usual since I watched this video yesterday. And I hope you will too!

Recommended for women and girls only.


  1. What a cool experiment! Be kinder to yourself…

  2. 1. This genre of short videos is so good. Like Dove, and “like a girl”, and the one about the curly hair…
    2. I was thinking this could be a great shidduch system- she or he stands in front of the mirror counting all their flaws, while he or she at the other side of the mirror count their blessings, falling in love with them in the process…

  3. I love the theme this week, CJ!!

    If we spent as much time complimenting the parts of ourselves we were happy with, we would move away from the self-hatred and head towards accepting ourselves.

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