A Gift from Beyond from Mom a”h

A Gift from Beyond from Mom a”h

Since Mom died in November I’ve been waiting for a sign from her. A dream. A whisper in my ear. A wink from beyond assuring me that while her body is no longer in use, her soul has never been better. And a few days ago I think I might have finally gotten it…
My parents were married for 54 years. They had work and family and each other. They were pretty much each other’s entire world.
From the start of the Covid outbreak, my parents barely left the house. Both of them were high-risk, and they were just waiting and waiting for the vaccine so they could finally visit with their kids and grandkids and go to shul every Saturday and the theater every Sunday like always.
In the end, my mother didn’t live to see that day. She went to sleep one night in November and never woke up again.
My Dad, b”H, finally got his first dose of the vaccine last week. It was a day of celebration for the entire family. Soon we get to visit our beloved Dad and Saba again!
After his first vaccination, I asked my father when he would get his second dose.
His answer: March 31st.
If my Mom was still alive, on that very date Mom and Dad would have eaten their traditional pineapple from a can and Dad probably would have given Mom a book as a present for her 78th birthday.
But Mom isn’t alive, so (wink, wink) she arranged for him to receive a very special gift instead.

Here’s a video I made 13 years ago about my parents’ special relationship


  1. Close to my mother’s birthday, April 4th. What was your mother’s hebrew birthday?

  2. Love the video. Beautiful wedding picture of your parents.

  3. Thats really incredible!! Such special, happy people!!

  4. This was beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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