My Son’s Heart Defect Miracle by Dani Margolies

My Son’s Heart Defect Miracle by Dani Margolies

This arrived in my inbox this morning. It brought tears to my eyes, amazing!

B”H, I just had a baby boy 4 weeks ago, we named him Levi Yitzchak.

When I was 16 weeks pregnant with Levi Yitzchak, I went to my early scan and the doctor saw a very serious heart defect. The next week we went to an expert fetal cardiologist and along with 2 other cardiologists we were informed that our son’s prognosis looks very bleak.

Levi Yitzchak’s pregnancy was one of the most intense rollercoasters of my life, but both my husband and I gained so so much from that challenging experience in so many ways we couldn’t have imagined…

My husband teaches at a girls’ seminary and near the end of the pregnancy he decided to speak to his students about all the tremendous growth that came from this challenging pregnancy. At the end of the speech, the girls decided to divide up sefer Tehillim to recite daily for my fetus’ full and immediate recovery.

A few weeks later, 3 of my husband’s students went to Neve Tsuf for Shabbos. They were staying with family friends who lived there. After the Friday-night meal, the girls and the family went to sleep early.

At 10:30 p.m., the girls woke when an alarm from one of their phones went off. It turned out that one girl had forgotten to turn her phone off for Shabbos. The alarm was her daily reminder to say tehillim for Levi Yitzchak. So she woke up and said her daily tehillim, and then was convinced she smelled smoke. The girls decided to go downstairs and see if everything was OK. They opened the front door and saw that there was fire all over coming very close to the house. The girls quickly woke up the whole family and evacuated the house, and within a few minutes after they left, the house went up in flames.

Our little unborn Levi Yitzchak had the tremendous merit to save an entire family and 3 of my husbands students!

When my husband and I were reflecting on this incredible story, we thought that maybe this is one of the reasons we went through this whole test in the first place, in order to save these people’s lives. You never know.

And another miracle? Levi Yitzchak is doing better than anyone could have imagined, and although he will still need to undergo open heart surgery in the near future, from that original diagnosis until now, all of those tehillim and prayers worked wonders for his heart. We have seen unbelievable changes for the good for our little Levi Yitzchak ben Daniella Chaya, baruch Hashem.

Happy Chanukah!


  1. Wow!
    May your Levi Yitzchak be completely well and strong!

  2. It’s a truly awesome, powerful story. Good to hear he’s doing well. Davening davening davening. XO

  3. Our beautiful Levi Yitzchak continues to inspire us all.
    He is truly our little miracle!!!!

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