“The Most Feminist Thing I Do All Week is Prepare for Shabbat”

“The Most Feminist Thing I Do All Week is Prepare for Shabbat”

Moriah Kor, an Israeli JewishMOM of 4 children as well as a popular TV producer and host of the radio program “Current Events through Feminist Eyes” told Pnima Magazine:

“My feminism is expressed through the fact that I am happy and proud to be a woman and a mother…

“Feminism’s 3rd stage, of which I am a part, is feeling joy in being a woman.

“Therefore, from my point of view, the most feminist thing I do all week is prepare for Shabbat.

“All week I work, and before Shabbat all I can do is organize the house and cook. I feel that I am most a woman when I do these things. And that’s why I love my Fridays.”


  1. This third stage sounds very jewish.

  2. It sounds a bit false to me because it comes from such a high career woman;it is a bit superficial to focus mainly on my career in the media and then to say my reality is my home! That s impossible and it doesnt surprise me coming from the media; even the religious one are superficial

    • I don’t think there’s a contradiction between being successful in your profession and having your home and family be the focus your life. There are many women – myself included – who work either out of financial need or because they have certain talents and interests (or both) but who do not define themselves by their career. I am first and foremost a Jewish mother and wife. I also have a job that I enjoy and am successful at. Succeeding in the professional realm does not negate my family being my number one priority.

  3. I second this opinion, as I am also a working Mom. I am lucky to have the kind of job where I can leave in the middle of the day to take my son to speech therapy, go visit my kids’ schools (and principals!) when needed.

    I personally also enjoy making food for Shabbos. That is the one thing I will not pay someone else to do. But to be honest, I sometimes wonder if it doesn’t come from guilt feelings. Since I’m out of the house so much, at least I can be a “real” wife and mother by cooking for Shabbos. I really would rather that feeling came from a place of joy, and not from guilt. Working on it…

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