My Bat Mitzvah Girl and Me

My Bat Mitzvah Girl and Me

12 years ago today, after waiting and waiting and waiting, labor finally started on Rosh Chodesh Iyar, and my Moriah was born in a flash.

Last night Josh and I went out for dinner, and when I reminded him where we were around that same time 12 years ago, he picked up his phone and called home…

“Moriah, mazal tov! Now go and make yourself a sandwich and wash your hands and say a blessing before and after you eat. Because now you are bat mitzvah, now the mitzvah is for real!”

Wow, I thought. I had kinda forgotten about that…

My mind has been whirring around for several months with the DJ, the hall, the catering, the dress, the photographer, etc, etc.

But the fact that from now on Moriah will be obligated in mitzvot…Umm, well, that information kind of got lost somewhere between the debate over magnets, yes or no, and whether to do fancy hair-dos for all my daughters, or just the bat mitzvah girl.


The power of every mitzvah Moriah does from now on.

The intense light. The world-altering impact. An actual angel created in Heaven by every good deed.

But I didn’t only forget about the power of my bat mitzvah girl’s mitzvot from now on.

What about my own swallowed blessings, raced-through benchings, unfocused prayers (wait, did I say Shma Yisrael or not?…)

Like Moriah, I also need a wake-up call that “the mitzvah is for real.”

May these bat-mitzvah day thoughts be a small first step:)


  1. Mazel tov!

  2. I only hope you hear me lol all the way from NYC because you are just that cute and so funny!

  3. And omg- hearty a MAZEL TOV!

  4. Mazal tov Chana Jenny!

  5. Mazal tov! Thanks for reminding us of the power of each mitzva!!

  6. mazel tov!!

  7. amazing father.

  8. Mazaaaal tov!!!

  9. MaZal tov! Would love to hear how you choose to celebrate and mark the bat mitzvah.

    • JewishMom

      a dj will come and play songs moriah chooses, and she will dance with her classmates and friends. She will also give a short davar torah, and there will be a little movie with pictures of moriah from growing up.

  10. Mazal tov and lots of nachas from all of your beautiful children. The mitzva is what matters. If that gets included in the festivities then the party is worthwhile. A party favor such as decorate your own pushka or brochos sheet for morning blessings is one way to make sure the party celebrates the mitzva and is not just a glorified birthday party. I am sure that your party will be tasteful and not just an opportunity to outdo the neighbors/classmates. Some schools have restricted bas mitzva parties due to increased levels of expenditures and competition.

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