Dina Friedman’s Marriage Mastery Series Begins May 9th

Dina Friedman’s Marriage Mastery Series Begins May 9th

I have taken all of Dina Friedman’s classes (some more than once!)– she is always innovative, insightful, and provides very effective tools to improve our lives. This May 9th Dina will be starting her 10-week marriage series.

Here’s some information on the course:

If you are committed to an ever expanding marriage experience of joy and love, or you are seeking to heal a marriage that isn’t meeting your expectations, then come join us at the Dina Friedman Academy for the Master your Marriage series.

In each interaction with your spouse, you are either building your marriage up, or breaking it down. In this 10 session series, Dina will give you the powerful steps to build your marriage up, and teach you the most significant things to avoid so that you don’t mistakenly break it down.

Dina will address real life challenges, and offer doable, realistic solutions. In addition, Dina will thoroughly cover the topic of intimacy, revealing the 10 skills necessary for a fulfilling bedroom experience, as well as practical healing tools that will bring more love and passion to that area of marriage.

We at the Dina Friedman Academy would love to have you join us on this transformative journey. Visit our website, www.dinafriedmanacademy.com, to learn more and to hear about our free live preview, which will take place on Thursday, May 4th.
Program begins on Tuesday, May 9th.

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  1. Hi I’m thinking of this course… Could you share if it was helpful/ how/ worth it?

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