Breaking the Silence (Daily We-Shall-Meet-Again Video, Episode 5)

Breaking the Silence (Daily We-Shall-Meet-Again Video, Episode 5)

In today’s episode we meet Yosef, one of Yael’s quadruplets determined to follow his own, different religious and personal path. And when the 36 hours of silence is finally broken, Shosh realizes that Yael will be a devoted and powerful ally in her attempt to repair her connection with her estranged son.


  1. This is SUCH a monumentally important show, B’H!

  2. More unites us than divides us! If only we can focus on the essence instead of the outside trappings

  3. Beth D Berman

    I am enjoying these clips so much, how can I see the whole thing? Thank you

  4. My husband and I have been attempting to watch the series without english subtitles and unfortunately it’s not working so well 🙁 wish our hebrew was better. I hope they end up translating everything.. this is an unbelievably incredible and inspiring documentary that I think everyone can benefit from.
    Thank you so much for translating and posting these clips for us!

    • JewishMom

      yes, I really hope somebody will translate the whole thing!! It’s an amazing series

  5. Rivka Levi

    One powerful shared characteristic of mothers everywhere is their fierce devotion to their children. In people who are altruistic, this devotion even extends outside the family circle to foster connections between other people. So touching! I loved this episode!

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