When the Jewish Mom Met the CEOs

When the Jewish Mom Met the CEOs

20 years ago, recently graduated from an Ivy League university, a dear friend of mine made the difficult choice to drop out of a prestigious graduate program in order to stay home and devote herself to her family and home.

But a few weeks ago she decided the time has come– her kids are bigger now and she would like to begin working outside of the home. In order to get herself prepared for that major life-transition, she signed up to attend a 5-day personal-empowerment seminar with a renowned inspirational speaker.

The conference was an amazing, life-altering experience. Over 10,000 people from 64 countries around the world in attendance.

Most of the participants were highly successful business executives. And my friend couldn’t help but feel out of place. A lone Jewish mother among CEOs, the lone minivan in a conference center packed with BMWs and private jets.

But in the end, meeting these elite business leaders was an incredibly uplifting and validating experience. When she returned home from the conference, this is what she told me:

“Most of the people at the conference were extremely successful business owners/leaders trying to get to the next level in their lives…

“But the interesting thing was that, across the board, everyone’s main goal was to manage their time and delegate responsibilities so that they could spend more time with their children.

“By the end of the conference, I felt literally like a billionaire for having been blessed to spend so much time over the last two decades with my husband and children, and for the beautiful Torah life we have together.”


  1. By the end of the day what we treasure most is what we gave in terms of time and energy to our family its all the time that it takes to live (as your so brilliantly put it in one of your posts on the same topic) and people understand very late what brings real happiness and sense of achievement.thanks for the hizuk!!

  2. Really inspiring thanx!!

  3. Such good chizzuk for us SAHM’s!! (And I’m sure others as well 😉 )

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