A Mother’s Mission

A Mother’s Mission

I just finished reading the super inspirational newly-released book House of Diamonds by Fay Klein (Feldheim). The first half of the book on motherhood, especially, contains so many wise suggestions and uplifting ideas, but the image from the book that has most stuck in my head and heart is this one…

Fay Klein writes:

Years ago, when I had a house full of young children, we were doing renovations to expand our living space. I brought the contractor down to the basement to see if we could make an open area for my boys to run around.

There was a big beam standing in the middle of the basement and I said to the contractor, “Can we please get rid of this silly pole? It’s right in the middle of the room, taking away from all this great space.”

And the contractor looked at me, bemused, and answered, “Ma’am, that silly pole is the support beam for your entire house.”

Let’s not get caught up in all the extra things we want to accomplish, losing sight of the basic mission of a woman–to be the support beam of her home.


  1. Wow. Great reminder!

  2. Hadassah

    We have no idea how crucial we are to the balance and functionality of our family.

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