The Largest Pedophilia Case in Israel’s History (15-Minute Video)

The Largest Pedophilia Case in Israel’s History (15-Minute Video)

Some reflections on the Nachlaot pedophile ring making headlines this week and coping with crisis.


  1. thanks for talking about this issue and I realized some of the posts related were removed from the blog- but you pretty much summed it up here- I am with you CJ on spreading awareness and prayer for our childrens safety- and the mashal from rav arushs book was so relevant- may you be blessed with a refreshing new year that is full of good news in your community and everywhere in the world- bsorot tovot-yeshuot v’nechamot- take good care mother bear.

  2. Rabbi's wife-Amanda Elkohen

    I there’s any way I can help this be less of a full-time job, give me a call. All strength to you! Go get ’em mama bear!

  3. Rachael Leah

    Wow, Chana Jenny, this is so hard, to be so consumed with this… Y’hi R’tzono that all involved should find peace with this real soon…

  4. The whole thing is so frightning, especially when I realize the public authorities are not keen to help, and I ask myself what can be done. I wonder if it’s allowed for their faces to be publicized, so they’ll be recognized wherever they go.

    there was a link (in one of the previous blog entries about this subject) to a talk about how to talk with children about this. can anyone post this again?

  5. here’s the link to Rabbi Yakov Horowitz “speaking to your kids about personal safety”

  6. sorry here’s the link! ( hope it shows in the comment)

  7. I have information that S and N and who knows who else have been active in the past week again. We must do something to stop this. Their names, pictures and addresses should be plastered on every corner and lamp post for a start. They should meet with resistance and strength not averted eyes and shame. This only serves to strengthen them G-d forbid. Jewish Mom promised in Elul that if S would be released from jail she would scream his name from the rooftops and publicise his evil acts. I call on her now, lets join forces to protect our precious innocent children. Please whoever has information, pictures, means or will to help t- contact me. We must all act now in this matter of pikuach nefesh. It is every single persons responsibility, now that we can no longer claim “we don`t know”.

    • I agree with you that something must be done. Since I promised to scream from the rooftops, though, I found out that publicizing S’s name before he is indicted is illegal. Please contact me privately so we can discuss legal ways to fight these evil people.

    • Ruth Cohen

      Just read your comment, I did scream out S name all over the Internet and he took me to court twice for doing so. The first time the Judge told me to stop mentioning his full name on the net and I agreed, and S started to cry and sob and scream for a long time in shock. He said I should go to jail. He was so angry. Then he took me another time to another Judge and this time he went mad screaming at me that I was evil personified. I also gave his photo out to one shop in the shuik and he found out . It is illegal to put up photos before someone is found guilty and in Israel very few are ever found guilty. He is still walking around with his name on his jacket. He threatened me with death a year ago when we bumped into each other in this area. But he was so broken and smashed he could not have killed a fly.

  8. Elchanan Cohen

    The following article by Yossi Elli was published November 23rd in Maariv Newspaper:

    Complaints: Nachlaot Pedophile Suspect Continues to Assault Children

    The large pedophile case that was exposed two months ago by Maariv, and is causing a storm in Jerusalem’s Nachlaot neighborhood, refuses to die.

    Approximately a month ago “S,” who is suspected of initiating the establishment of a new playground in the neighborhood in order to use it as a “hunting ground” to sexually assault children, was released from prison. It has just been revealed to Maariv that about a week ago additional complaints against “S” were made to police detectives of the Tsion district, under the suspicion that he has sexually assaulted additional children since his release.

    “S,” a man in his 70s, is suspected of serving as the mastermind of the case involving the sexual assault and rape of over 60 children between the ages of 3-11.

    However, “S” was released from prison after the District Attorney determined that the evidence against him was insufficient to put him on trial.

    It is suspected that once the distancing order against him ended, “S” returned to the neighborhood, approached one of the girls, brought her by force into his apartment, and committed severe sexual crimes against her.

    Sources familiar with the details of the investigation told Maariv that the treatment of the abused children has been passed over to the Social Service Authorities who interrogated the children, and at present the police is waiting for the results of the reliability test of their testimony. In addition, after it was decided to release “S” without an indictment, four families whose children were apparently assaulted decided to leave the neighborhood and move to other neighborhoods in Jerusalem. “We feel like we are under house arrest since “S” returned to the neighborhood” another resident, a mother of 3 children, told Maariv.

    The case exploded around 2 months ago when the Jerusalem police arrested 4 men suspected of sexually assaulting and raping more than 60 children who are residents of the neighborhood. The police succeeded in bringing about the indictment of 3 of the suspects, including seduction through candy and money, and afterwards [graphic description of rape and torture of children]. Even though the majority of children interrogated identified “S” as the person who headed the pedophile ring, the District Attorney chose not to have him stand trial because he claimed that the police had collected insufficient proof to justify an indictment.

    “We view with severity and concern the fact that people who were involved on different levels in the performance of such heinous crimes were released by the police and returned to the scene of the crime without even informing the victims and their families,” said lawyer Eitan Lehman, who is representing the families of the assaulted children.
    The Jerusalem police confirmed that they have received complaints of suspected sexual assaults in the Nachlaot neighborhood, and they are currently being investigated by the juvenile investigators of the Department of Social Welfare Services. The lawyer representing one of the accused pedophiles in the case, Roee Poleetee, stated: “the case is being discussed by the court.”

    [Local residents] have demanded that the case be handled immediately in order to protect neighborhood families that are, in effect, being placed under house arrest rather than arresting the people who assaulted over 60 neighborhood children.

  9. spacedout BT

    When dorot become weak and Jewish male leadership is paralyzed there arises imahhot B’Yisrael like Dvora. Will the men please wake up and help this woman who stood up to fight rishut when you couldn’t?

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