Please Join LeKedoshim: Honoring Israel’s Fallen Soldiers

Please Join LeKedoshim: Honoring Israel’s Fallen Soldiers

Tonight will be my 1st Yom HaZikaron as the mother of an IDF soldier. Maayan is not a combat soldier, but many of her friends are. I am awe-inspired by these 19-year-old boys, their idealism, their good hearts, their selfless determination to give up 3 years of their lives (or more) in order to protect the Jewish people from its enemies in the Holy Land.
Israel stands on the shoulders of our soldiers, and, sadly, many of our greatest heroes are no longer with us; they gave up their lives for us to live in the Jewish homeland as Jews in safety and security.
Please join me in honoring their memory by learning Torah as part of the LeKedoshim project. When you register you will receive the name of a specific fallen soldier in whose merit you will be learning.
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  1. What a lovely idea. When I went to the site it looked to me as if it is speaking about a daf of Gemara. Is that correct?

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