Bracha Goetz: Overcoming Overeating Joyfully!

Bracha Goetz: Overcoming Overeating Joyfully!

In this interview, Bracha Goetz discusses her book Searching for God in the Garbage about her personal journey to overcoming food addiction.




  1. I’d love to get feedback from anyone exploring how practicing gratitude fills her up.

  2. Shira Savit

    Thank you Bracha for your words of wisdom, infused with passion and positivity!
    If there are jewishMOMs who are struggling with overeating/emotional eating please feel free to reach out to me for guidance/support. Shira Savit

  3. This was absolutely fantastic! Bracha, I love your enthusiasm, it is contagious. And what incredible wisdom and practical advice. Thank you both!

  4. Dani, I’m so happy to hear that you, too, resonated with this awesome ancient wisdom! And I love hearing what happens when people implement this gratitude-enhancing perspective.

  5. Blima Spetner

    Is there any way to watch this not on Instagram? I watched half and had to pause and now it only seems to start from the beginning and I want to watch where I left off?

  6. Gratitude connects us with Hashem. Gratitude recognizes the Source of all treasures. Being grateful actually brings healing to our lives as we come to the end of our own resources and recognize the magnificence of the Creator.

  7. YES, Leisel! Expressed BEAUTIFULLY, B’H!

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