Say “Mazal Tov” to Rabbanit Yemima!

Say “Mazal Tov” to Rabbanit Yemima!

This morning at a class given by my old friend and esteemed teacher Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi, I (and a few thousand other women) had a chance to wish Rabbanit Yemima “mazal tov” on her 50th birthday next week, on the 17 of Tammuz. Rabbanit Yemima provides so much inspiration to women around the world, let’s express our gratitude and love for her by sending her mazal tovs from you, JewishMOMs across the globe.

You can leave your Mazal tovs in the comment section below. PLEASE REMEMBER TO WRITE YOUR NAME AND WHERE YOU LIVE. And I will pass these on to her for her birthday:)


  1. Paula Weinberg

    Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY till 120!
    Thank you for the Torah you have taught me and thousands of others–you are an inspiration, beautiful, elegant, erudite and an amazing role model. May you continue to learn and teach Torah to 120!

    Jerusalem, Israel

  2. Ruth Szmerling

    Mazal Tov dear Rabbanit Yemima !!!
    May HaKadosh Baruch Hu bless you and all of your dear family sheyichyu with kol tuv selah!!! Thank you very much for all of your beautiful shiurim and inspiration. May you continue mi chayil el chayil ad biyat Goel Tzedek b’karov mamash!

  3. יום הולדת שמח!!!!!
    May you have a very happy, healthy and successful year in גשמיות and in רוחניות.
    May this year be the year we merit to see the גאולה.
    Thank you for all your inspiration. May you be זוכה to inspire many many more Jewish women עד מאה ועשרים!!
    כל טוב. יהי רצון שהקב”ה ימלא כל משאלות לבך לטובה.
    From Detroit

  4. F. Weiss

    No matter where you are in the world, you share beautiful Torah messages with the women in the audience at the annual Ron Shulamit dance performances (directed by Mina Nachamini). So much appreciated! Thank you from Yerushalayim!

  5. Hadassah

    Mazal Tov! May you continue to inspire others and derive nachas from your family and students until 120 and more! Only revealed goodness for you and Am Yisroel and may we merit to greet Moshiach now!
    Hadassah Aber North Miami Beach, Florida

  6. Nechama Cheses

    Yom Holedet Sameach Rabbanit Yemima! May you continue to have naches from your family and community and inspire all those fortunate women you meet! My best wishes for health, success and much simcha, from an admirer who heard you in person during a sabbatical in Jerusalem 7 years ago… Hope to have the pleasure of meeting you again, although I have gone to your videos here in Boston in the past!

  7. Mazel Tov Rabbanit Yemima, May you continue to reach out and teach, understand, and touch the lives of many in klal yisrael, for many many more years! rochel from ramat beit shemesh.

  8. Mazel tov Rebetzen Yamima.

  9. Mazel tov! You are a true inspiration

    Leah from Staten Island NY

  10. Happy birthday! Hope you have an amazing day and year!

    Wendy Bergenfield NJ

  11. Mazal Tov Yemima! Ad 120!
    Nechama – Maale Levona

  12. בס”ד
    Dear Rabbanit,
    I had the esteemed honor and pleasure of introducing you while we sat in a small room together at the Nishmat midrasha back in Adar and we listened to you recite the Nishmat tefilah with such sincerity and love for Hakadosh Baruch Hu. Unfortunately the internet dropped and the thousands of women who had come on to hear were not privy to that special moment of hearing you praise Hashem with such a depth of heart and soul. I never met anyone before who on the one hand has such grace and I felt like I was in the presence of royalty, and at the same time, you were so warm and easy to talk to. I will always treasure the hug we exchanged. Thank you for all the inspiration and encouraging the women of Klal Yisrael to truly feel Hashem’s love and goodness. May Hashem continue to bless you with the kochot to inspire and lead עד 120!
    with adminiration,
    Devorah Yaffa, Maale Amos, Israel

  13. Batsheva

    Mazel tov Rabbinit Yemima! I absolutely love hearing your Torah lectures! I don’t think there’s enough of them. Some people tell me that I act just like you! I find a connection with the way we talk alike. Please give us more shuirs about raising children and shalom beit.

  14. Judith from Milwaukee

    Mazel Tov, and many more years of good health and happiness till 120!

  15. Eden from Rehovot

    Mazal tov Rabbanit Yemima – may the Almighty bless you as you have blessed and inspired the lives of so many yehudim throughout the entire world. Ad 120!

  16. sandrine Farache

    Mazal tov Rabanit Yemima!!! Ve ad 120 k-20!!!
    I used to watch your classes online from Atlanta… now we are in Toronto and will keep watching as often as i can…
    Almost 3 uears ago you came in person to Atlanta to give us a wonderful shiur and at the end i had the mazal to get a bracha from you… Natan Yossi turned 18 months a week ago 😊
    Much love from Toronto

  17. Mazal tov on your birthday! May this year be full of brachot and yeshuot! Much love from London

  18. MAZEL TOV and happy birthday wishing you much brocha and kol tuv. Your inspiring words have helped me so much and for that I will always be grateful.
    Thank you from
    Lakewood, NJ

  19. I remember the beautiful blessing that you gave me when I came to see you with my granddaughter 3 years ago. More than that I remember the light that shone from your eyes! You continue to inspire us
    all the way to Detroit, Michigan
    Best wishes for a Happy Birthday! May Hashem bless you with
    “yiddishe Nachus” from your family! May you have continued
    hatzlacha, good health, and long life!

  20. Mark Cohen

    Mazal tov!! May The Allmighty bless to”mikol sheelot lbech letovah” with love respect and allot of hakaras hatov!!
    From your Toronto fans

  21. Aliza cohen

    Woops… The previous message was from ME: Aliza Cohen not Mark…. Sorry

  22. Eshet Chayil ladies- Berlin

    Dearest Rabbanit Yemima,
    We would like to wish a hearty Mazal tov,
    Bracha and Hatzlacha and lots of Machas.
    May you be zoche to continue reaching to so many neshamos with your love of Torah.
    Wishing you,
    The Eshet Chayil team and ladies- Germany

  23. Mazal Tov Rabbanit!
    We wish you good health, joy, and much nachat Yehudit from all your children and grandchildren! Your divrei Torah give us koach! THANK YOU! From Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh!

  24. Yom Huledet Sameach!!! from Texas 🙂

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