When I Woke Up My Son this Morning

When I Woke Up My Son this Morning

My son has a hard time waking up in the morning.

And this morning, as usual, after all my other kids were already downstairs eating breakfast, he was still asleep in his bed.

So I climbed back upstairs and I told him yet again, “It’s time to wake up!”

And without opening his eyes, he responded in plaintive protest, “Can’t you see that I’m sleeping?!”

“Yes, I see!” I answered, laughing harder than I possibly ever have at 7:30 in the morning.


Hashem sends a message. A challenge. A test. The Three Weeks.

And without opening our eyes, we reply in plaintive protest, “Can’t You leave me alone already? Can’t You see that I’m sleeping?”

“Yes, I see!” He answers. “But, my dear child, it’s time to wake up.”


  1. fantastic

  2. Whoa. Kind of needed to hear that today more than I would like to admit.

  3. Brilliant! Way to expand the personal challenges to the bigger picture…

  4. Brilliant! Every year things are rough at this time and I always forget why…. thanks for the reminder!

  5. Precious!

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