Grandma Wanda’s Necklace

Grandma Wanda’s Necklace

A few weeks ago we hosted the Mantell family, visiting Israel from the US for their son’s bar mitzvah, for Friday-night dinner. We had such a great time with them, what a lovely family. And at one point during the dinner I noticed the unusual necklace of the bar-mitzvah boy’s grandmother, Wanda.

Wanda explained to me, “When each of my grandchildren is born I add a child, made out of gold and diamond, to my necklace, since, in my eyes, each of my grandchildren is an absolute diamond.”

I could not agree more!

Mazal tov to the Mantell family and much continued nachas to Grandma Wanda from all her children and grandchildren!


  1. My grandmother had the same. Then she made a bracelet to hang the great grandchildren on. After she passed, we all got our family’s little people to keep. I cherish mine because I know my grandmother wore it daily!

  2. Just curious is there a name or date on the other side of each gold figure?

  3. On my grandmother’s, there are.

  4. As we got married, she switched our single person in for a marriage one, which is two people kissing. It has our anniversary date on it.

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