4-Year-Old Gems

4-Year-Old Gems

Yesterday 4-year-old Yaakov told me, “From now on, I’m going to be in charge that the kids don’t fight in this house.”

I was surprised to hear about Yaakov’s new self-appointed role, because he’s never been one to shy away from a fight with his siblings.

“So how are you going to make sure that nobody fights?” I asked him.

“Simple! If kids fight, I will tell them to stop.”

“And what if they don’t listen to you?”

“Then I’ll beat them up!”

Later yesterday, Yaakov told me, “Eema, do you know how to make a lot of money?”

“How Yaakov?”

“You know when you go to the store and you buy something, the cashier hands you money?”

“You mean he gives you change? Yes.”

“So if you want to be very rich, all you need is to buy lots and lots of things in the store, and before long you’ll have millions!”



  1. A great glimpse into the kind of logical thinking that Hashem probably overhears from all of us every day! 🙂

  2. very sweet!

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