My Anti-Overwhelm Control Center

My Anti-Overwhelm Control Center

The start of the school year for 8 kids in 8 different gans/schools/national service positions and a bunch of afterschool activities to boot. This one needs a new gymnastics uniform, that one needs to be registered online for a special course, and the other one needs me to send 20 NIS for a plastic recorder. Not to mention that I cannot forget to pay shul membership if we would like a place to daven this Rosh Hashana.

Yesterday afternoon, with at least 30 tasks on my to-do list, I was feeling as swamped as a resident of the bayou.

And then I sat down and wrote everything down, emptying the chaos in my brain onto my Control Center, and I felt SO much better. And feeling calmer, I was able to get to work on everything I needed to do minus the overwhelm.

My control center is just a fancy name for a bulletin board where I post my to-do lists that sits in the corner of my kitchen. But just like the space shuttle is not going to move without NASA’s control center, so too the Weisberg family would not be able to move an inch without mine. Actually, like the space shuttle, without it the Weisberg family would be completely flying.

So here it is, my remedy for overwhelm. Outsourcing my mental chaos to my Control Center.


  1. So true, it really works.
    Now I just need to make a change in my frequent battle with time constraints…any ideas?

  2. When I had all eight children living at home, my guide was a big calendar and the rule was that (as soon as they were old enough) they had to put all events on the calendar so nothing would be forgotten. I would write in dentist appointments, etc., they had to fill in late night pick-ups for play practice, or friends sleeping over, etc. If it wasn’t on the calendar, there were no guarantees.

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