My Yom Kippur X-Ray

My Yom Kippur X-Ray

This morning I was thinking of walking to the Kotel to engage in some pre-Yom Kippur deep thinking and praying.

But then it occurred to me that on the way to the Kotel, I should stop off to do that that chest X-ray my doctor recommended to figure out why I’ve been coughing for so long.

But on the way to the X-ray (on the way to the Kotel,) I stopped to pick up some mangoes in the shuk and to switch my decaying watchband and to get a new battery for my daughter’s phone, which meant that the X-ray became my final destination rather than just a layover.

The X-ray technician positioned me standing against the wall and told me to put my hands on my hips. Then she pushed the X-ray machine towards my back, and, as she scurried into her radiation-safe cubicle, she told me, “Now, take in a big breath and hold it!”

And as I held my breath, so the X-ray machine could pummel my chest with electrons, I imagined Hashem taking a similar X-ray, of my soul…

Of my deeds–good and not so good. Of my thoughts–on target and not-so on target. Of my dreams for my life and for my family.

I imagined Hashem creating the first human being by blowing His breath into Him, and how that breath from the innermost dimension of G-d planted within each of us a Divine soul. An actual piece of G-d.

And, as I picked up my mangoes and headed home, I was reminded that this week I can be at the Kotel or in the X-ray department or sound asleep in my bed, and wherever I am, the 10 days of Teshuva are there too, with me.


  1. I love the last line- thank you so much!

  2. This gave me chills! Thanks Jenny for the inspiration to get our thoughts in gear.

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