Would Your Kids Really Want a Perfect Mother? by Rebbetzin Mina Gordon

Would Your Kids Really Want a Perfect Mother? by Rebbetzin Mina Gordon

Earlier this week, I posted that my kids have been reminding me recently that I’m not a perfect mom. I adored this insightful comment from Rebbetzin Mina Gordon of Melbourne, Australia, and wanted to share with all!

Would your children really want a perfect mother? It can be a real handicap!
Here are some of the drawbacks:
1. A perfect upbringing does not give your child the opportunity to develop resilience and tools for dealing with challenges as an adult.
2. Perfect is a hard act to follow! It can place unreasonable expectations upon your children when they become parents themselves, and/or on the children’s spouses.
3. And don’t forget, the perfect home/mother that you see elsewhere may very well not be as perfect as they look.
Remember, there is no such thing as one right way to do things!
Much nachas!

A Perfect Mother by Mina Esther Gordon
I don’t need to be a perfect mother,
I won’t compete with or envy any other.
Instead here are the goals I strive to reach
My children know I don’t love them all; but I love them each
I want to be a mother who is caring,
Whose children feel comfortable talking with and sharing.
I want to be a mother who stays calm and rarely stressed
Who models to her children how to deal with life’s hard tests.
A mother who strives to be attentive and wise
Who knows that external appearance very often lies
A mother who perceives that true pure soul inside
No matter how much it’s been made to hide.
Perhaps greater than an always giving mother
Is one who forgives but is careful not to smother
She steps aside to let her children try
And encourages when in frustration they do cry
I want to make clear by the messages I am sending
That for every person self-improvement is never-ending
A perfect mother is not what I ever want to be
But I’ll be the one whose kids bring out the very best in me.

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  1. beautiful poem, I want to be that mother too!

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