A Note Hashem Sent Me

A Note Hashem Sent Me

A few days ago I stepped over two bicycles and two badminton rackets and an empty bamba bag and out my back door, when I noticed a small, crumpled piece of paper lying there in the dirt. And I thought to myself a funny thought: maybe this crumpled piece of paper contains a message from Hashem which He wants me to hear today?

When I picked up the note and took a closer look at it, it appeared to be a slip of paper that had fallen out of someone’s Rosh Hashana machzor when she exited the small shul across the parking lot from my house.

But how did it possibly jump across the parking lot to find its way to the patch of dirt by my back door? I have no idea, but it did, and now that you have found this post, just as I found that crumpled piece of paper, maybe it’s a message from Hashem for you as well?

Here’s what it said:


Who runs the whole world,

Who looks after you,

Who cares for you,

Who makes your heart beat

Who sustains you,

Who does millions and millions of kindnesses for you,

Who loves you beyond comprehension,

Who has always been faithful to you,

Who has never let you down…

He is saying…[and here the note’s previous owner wrote in pencil, in careful cursive, her name: “Adinaleh”)

I want you to be close to Me…

You are my beautiful, beautiful princess

and I love you SO much.

It means so much to Me that you celebrate with Me today

and make me King over your life.

You make me so happy when you are close to Me.

I just want you to be with Me.


Your Loving, Caring, Sensitive, Compassionate, Guiding, Understanding, Omnipotent, Faithful, Faithful, Faithful Aba in Heaven and on Earth–

Right here beside you–holding you. Always.


  1. So beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. If I could just live in the conscious knowledge of this all my days….

  2. Its so special that this came to you and so generuos of you to share this expression of Hashem’s love with all of us jewishmoms!! Thank you.

  3. Wow!! So powerful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing. Ready to turn my phone off and start my day…

  4. Wow! memories! 20 years ago (no kidding) a few young ladies shared an apartment in Kiryat Moshe and before the Yamim Noraim One special special Fraidy asked to borrow my Machzor returning it a short while later. I thought nothing of it until a few days later standing in Shul I turned the page to Crown Hashem “Melech” and there was this beautiful, thoughtful, awe inspiring note placed there with my name inserted in the relevant place. Guess sweet Fraidy had placed the same fabulous note in each of our Machzorim. Adina was one of my apartment mates and perhaps lives near you today. I live in Ashdod and I think Fraidy is in Australia! I still enjoy that special note in My Machzor year after year – Thank you for sharing – it’s such a great message.

  5. I’m that Fraidy, and yes I still live in Australia. The note was created based on something that Rabbi Leib Kelemen had said…it’s really from his idea. And yes I still have it in my machzor as well!!!!

    • wow, what a small world! I have fraidy’s email if anyone wants to contact her

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