Being the 45-Year-Old Mother of a 2-Year Old

Being the 45-Year-Old Mother of a 2-Year Old

This morning at 6:15, my 2-year-old Yoni got a sudden stomach ache and went running to the toilet, but didn’t quite make it.

I won’t go into all the details of what happened next, cause, you know, TMI. But let’s just say that I had to spend a few long minutes washing off the TMI which was all over Yoni’s undies, pants, the bathroom floor, the plastic step he uses to reach the toilet,  as well as the toilet seat itself.
And I thought to myself, I am 45 years old, nearly 46! I am too old to be dealing with Yoni’s terrible twos, and tantrums, and all this TMI!
And then I went back to my bed, and Yoni snuggled up beside me.
Around 6:40 I was woken up by the pitter-patter of rain. Oh no! What a pain! Walking the kids to gan in the rain. Why couldn’t it rain only at night so it doesn’t have to be so bothersome! UUUGGGHH!
And then Yoni jumped out of my bed, ran over to the window, and pointed outside yelling “RAIN!”
And he ran over to his 17-year-old sleeping sister: “RAIN!”
And then he ran downstairs and opened the front door and jumped up and down with abandon holding his closed umbrella: “RAIN, RAIN, RAIN!”
And I walked over to the window and looked down at Yoni

and remembered…

that while it’s true I might be getting old to be a mom of such little kids and all their TMI,

B”H, at the same time they manage to drive me to the brink,

they also manage, day by day, year by year,

to keep me young.


  1. Beautiful thought! Sometimes, in the midst of the frustrating parts of motherhood, it is hard to remember to step back and enjoy these gifts.

  2. Believe me chana jenny you will remember this precious moment of Yoni’s unabashed joy at seeing the first rain of the season. A totally a precious moment to preserve in your mind/heart and you will remember it when one day too when you will be a savta! BE”H

  3. Judith from Milwaukee

    I too had my last child when I was a few weeks shy of 43, and what a delight she has been. She has brought me tremendous joy and kept me young for the last 17 years! Enjoy every minute. The days may go slowly, but the years fly by very quickly.

  4. G-d in His mysterious ways! I was 41 with my first and 43 with my second – when I feel too old for all of this and out of synch with everyone my age, I remind myself of Sarah, and how early the story is in the Torah!

  5. when i went to make a purim project in my youngest son’s 2nd grade class, the boys asked him, “why did your bubby come today?” i was 46 when he was born…

    and now, when i attend activities in my youngest daughter’s class, when the kids ask why the Bubby came I just smile and tell them that i’m their Bubby’s best friend! i was 49 when she was born.

    and yes, recently when i was told that i don’t look my age, i gave my little kids full credit. they keep us young and active. it is a blessing i wish for everyone!

  6. I had three in my forties, forty, forty three and forty four! my last two were 14 months apart similar to my first two! I definitely think that the hormones and nursing kept me much younger. My baby is now 20 and I am 65 but don’t feel or look it (b”H). I also had a baby girl the same week as my oldest daughter! She was born already having a nephew 1 1/2 years older than her and a niece two days older! only nachas. The days may drag but the years fly by! My oldest is now 44 and has a married son…

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