Sarit’s IVF Miracle

Sarit’s IVF Miracle

Sarit’s 5-year-old son and mine are friends in kindergarten, so over the last few months we’ve become friends as well. Sarit’s a lovely person, an Israeli mother of 3. It didn’t occur to me that there is anything unusual about her and her family. Until today, when Sarit shared with me the amazing story of her journey to motherhood…

This is what she told me:

“My husband and I attended the same secular high school, and both of us became religious on our own after the army.

“A few years later we married, and we waited, and waited…but I could not get pregnant.

“After 5 years of waiting to get pregnant, I became pregnant through IVF–with twins– a boy and a girl. It was an extremely difficult pregnancy. One of the twins was very sick. In the end, the boy twin survived for only a few hours after the birth. I never even saw him.

“But b”H, the girl twin was healthy. After she was born, it took me 4 years to have another child, also through IVF. I was in shock when a year after he was born, I became pregnant naturally with my 3rd child–another boy.

“After my first birth, I overheard my husband telling a friend that we had waited 7 years to have our daughter, Esther Hadassah. But I corrected him… ‘It wasn’t 7 years, it was actually 6 years and 2 months!’

“After I pointed this out to my husband, he discovered something quite extraordinary.

“The numerical value of the name Hadassah is 74, which is exactly the number of months we had to wait for our daughter’s arrival, 6 years and 2 months. Together, her names Esther Hadassah can be read אסתיר הדסה–I will hide for 74.

‘We felt as though Hashem was telling us, ‘I hid My face from you for 74 months’

“And now I will shower you with wonderful blessings– 3 children.

“After so many years of waiting, a beautiful family of your own to raise and love, b”H.”

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  1. Oh my goodness. I have goosebumps

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