Chanukah z”l

Chanukah z”l

Chanukah died yesterday.

Not the holiday, of course, but the person. Mr. Chanukah from down the block, beloved father, brother, and grandfather, was laid to rest this morning. May his memory be a blessing.

But coming across his death notice this morning, exactly a week before we light the first Chanukah candle, got me thinking…

I learned this week* that Chanukah possesses an intense holiness that, in some ways, can penetrate a Jew’s heart deeper and more powerfully than even the profound holiness of Shabbat.

But it’s so easy to miss this annual opportunity to connect with Hashem, to connect with our souls…Cause we’re so busy with our shopping lists and menu plans and the balagan of excited kids and spinning dreidels underfoot.

My favorite part of Chanukah? In the middle of all the Weisberg Chanukah balagan, I sit down and watch my candles for half an hour. I don’t get up. I don’t run here or there to do this and that. I just watch the candles flickering and dream of the flame of holiness flickering deep within me and you and all of us.


*From a class by Rebbetzin Esther Bayla Schwartz, Chazal Hotline.

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