The Almost-Accident I Saw

The Almost-Accident I Saw

Two days ago, a little after 8 AM, I was walking my kids to gan when I saw my neighbor’s two sons crossing the street at the crosswalk on their way to school. And then, suddenly, a white truck turned the corner, heading at full speed towards the boys…I screamed “Children!” and the truck screeched to a halt, just arm’s length from the boys.

Afterwards, other drivers leaned out their windows to yell at the truck driver, but he just drove off and continued on his way. I told the boys, who looked shaken up, how important it is to check that there are no turning cars before they cross the street. And I stopped by later that morning to speak with their mother to tell her about the near accident, and she was also shaken up.

And the next morning, I spent an hour or so making this little video, with footage from the dangerous crosswalk, telling the story of the accident that almost was, and how hundreds of schoolchildren use this dangerous crosswalk every day on their way to over 25 schools and gans, and requesting from Jerusalem’s mayor to help make it safer.

Then I sent the video to the neighborhood list, but the list’s moderator refused to post it.

“We’ve spoken with the municipality before about other dangerous crosswalks in the neighborhood, and they won’t fix the problem. If I post this, everyone in the neighborhood will see it, and they will agree, but it serves no purpose. Nothing will come of it.”

I haven’t given up yet. I sent the video to the municipality, to the mayor, to the neighborhood planner at the community center.

But this very well might be one of the many dangers in the world and in the lives of our children that will never disappear.

If that’s the case, what should I do?

First, I need to make an effort. I will try to fix the crosswalk. And I’ll take my bigger kids to this corner, to show them how important it is to look for turning cars. I’ll tell them about the near-accident I saw and that a child was hit by a car and killed there around a decade ago.

And secondly, every morning I will continue for pray for my kids.

This morning, like every morning, I thought of my children and read the priestly blessing for them, “May Hashem bless you and watch over you. May Hashem shine His face upon you, and be gracious to you.”
יְבָרֶכְךָ ה’ וְיִשְׁמְרֶךָ.
יָאֵר ה’ פָּנָיו אֵלֶיךָ וִיחֻנֶּךָּ.

But this morning, I did something I never did before. As I said each word of the blessing, I thought of one of my children. And I discovered that there are 8 words in this blessing, one for each and every one of my children.

Jewish parents have been blessing their children with these words for over 2500 years–that Hashem should watch over them and keep them safe.

We say, “Hashem, I did my part to keep my children safe. Now I am depending on You to watch over them for me.”


  1. I’ve been worried about kids and others at that crossing for years. Have had a kind of a near miss there myself. It’s amazing you are doing something about it!

  2. Wow good for you.
    Hashem should watch over all our children.

  3. Hadassah Aber

    Good that you did something- hopefully those with authority can take preventive steps to increase safety at this and other crossings. By the way your accent is great!

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