Say Goodbye to Bedtime Battles (1-Minute Inspiration Flash)

Say Goodbye to Bedtime Battles (1-Minute Inspiration Flash)

I met this morning with social media expert Hadassah B. Levy, and I learned a ton about how to use the internet to inspire more JewishMOMs. She suggested I occasionally try using short videos instead of written posts. What do YOU think? Do you prefer reading written posts or minute-long videos like this? (If you prefer reading this post rather than watching the video, then please scroll down…)

Bedtime SHOULD be a pleasant and calming time – but is often a time of conflict and tears (on the part of both parent and child!).

Repeated parental requests for cooperation can give way to frustrated shouts and ugly threats. Slammed doors may replace sweet good-night kisses unless parents quietly follow the 2X-Rule:

1. Announce bedtime once.

2. If child doesn’t head to bed, announce it a second time along with a choice (“Either be in bed with lights off within the next 5 minutes or lose computer-time tomorrow night…”).

3. If the child still isn’t in bed, announce the consequence (“You’ve lost computer for tomorrow night); stop trying to put the child to bed (he can stay up all night – you are no longer involved).

Repeat these 3 steps for 3 or 4 nights. If there is no change in cooperation, make a change in the consequence (guess again as to what would be an effective deterrent) and start over from step 1.

Continue until you find the consequence that works. This may take 2 weeks, but it is worth the wait: no more bedtime fights.
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  1. Both are good. Some people enjoy reading and they have their own voice when they read and some people enjoy the videos. I guess it’s whatever you’re in the mood for. Happy to see your face any time!

  2. i much prefer reading this kind of information. when i watch/listen to a video, i find that i get distracted by things like tone of voice, inflection, pronunciation, fillers (like “um, eh”) and the visuals that produce tons of distracting questions in my mind–is she wearing make-up? she looks great in that color! oh, my, she lost weight, i guess she’s keeping to her exercise regime…. instead of focusing on the content of the video.

    so, in order to keep me focused on the content of your blog, please keep writing it down!!

  3. Rachel Lebovics

    Much prefer reading!

  4. M Cohen

    Please please keep in the written format.
    I MUCH prefer reading this kind of information and your blog.
    I wouldn’t have time to watch videos.

    (perhaps its different with older vs younger viewers?)

    thanks very much

  5. I enjoy your written posts more than the videos.

    You are amazingly talented – your writings are concise but very powerful.

  6. Jessica

    I like BOTH!!! ( but I do think it’s nice to be able to sit and read posts in waiting rooms, on transit and with family around when sound and video wouldn’t be a good idea). But I like both … I can’t decide which one is my favorite!! Videos make me feel like we are neighbors!

  7. Prefer written posts.
    You are a true inspiration.
    Thanks so much!

  8. Much prefer written posts: among other things, I can read them while on the way somewhere without needing earphones

  9. You are a very talented writer! Your content and writing style are both inspiring. I enjoy reading your posts as well as watching your peptalks but find that I rarely get a chance to watch the videos. Please keep writing.

  10. I also prefer (and love!) your written posts. It is hard to find the time to watch videos. For me it is easier to find time to listen to podcasts than to watch videos.

    But, I love everything you do on the site, anyway!

  11. Written. I read while nursing baby and noise would distract him.

  12. I also love your writing better than videos because you write exceptionally well and I prefer reading things than watching videos in general.

  13. Nechama

    Your writing is so good that I would totally miss that!! I love to not only read what you wrote about but how you wrote it. Don’t stop writing.

    • Nechama

      Just to add. I think videos should be used for things that need visual. Meaning your post are usually about things that happened to you and amazing insights you got from them. Those dont need a visual. Mini clips can be about something that you think would be enhanced by visuals. Not sure what would fall into that but I think you get what I mean.

  14. I really connect with the videos. (I see most ladies chose the writting, just wondering if its cause I’m older and have more time to watch a video.) both ways are great. hatzlocha rabba!

  15. Jenny I admire your no-fear approach to technology and your thoughtfulness when it comes to your readers (me). I personally read blog posts when they are the short-er kind, like yours usually are. However, I know that a lot of mothers find audio most convenient. There are bloggers who post the text along with a simple, low-tech recording that they make of the post, using Vocaroo for example.

    • JewishMom

      thanks noga…I miss your upside down parenting videos! Would love to see more of them:)

  16. I prefer written posts because I can read them whenever and wherever and I find reading to be much more relaxing than watching a video and your writing is absolutely phenomenal! I do also enjoy your peptalks a ton, but I wouldn’t be able to watch videos more than once a week. Thanks for putting so much thought into keeping us so inspired!!!!

  17. Elisheva

    Personally, I look forward to one nice video a week. I look forward to starting off the week with a visit and cup of tea. We dont live in a Jewish community so the videos are extra special. That being said, I enjoy reading posts in a waiting room or st the grocery store. Maybe do both. A short video and a short post. Then folks can decide which one they want. That way might be more work, though.

  18. I like the long peptalks more because they’re more in depth and at a more relaxed pace. And I love love love your articles. You have a wonderful way of bringing ideas together 😉

  19. Jessica

    What’s an upside down parenting video? 🙂

    • JewishMom

      noga made a series of parenting videos called upside down parenting, try googling it

  20. please keep up the written material – i never have an opportunity to watch the videos so i only access the written content on the site (i check the website while on breaks from working in a silent library!)

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