Here’s Why I Don’t Blog by Chaya Cohen

Here’s Why I Don’t Blog by Chaya Cohen

When I read this article by my friend Chaya, I laughed out loud. Inspiration for all those moms out there who do not blog (as well as those among us who, occasionally, do:) And by the way, Chaya, if you ever do start a blog (please do!), I promise to be your biggest fan.


For a while now, I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a blog.
To share my life. My challenges. My victories. My experiences. My inspirations. My creations.
For technical reasons, it is not really practical.

But it got me thinking.

Who would read it anyway? [insecure me]
Maybe lots of people would take inspiration from it, or at least relate to it. [hopeful me]
And if they did read it, so what? Most people who read blogs are reading lots of blogs. In one ear, out the other. Is that called having an impact? [cynical me]
Even if they like a post, or share a post, is it ever remembered months, or even days, later? [supercynical me]
I’m just being defensive, since I can’t really keep a blog. [realistic me]

Then I thought about why I would want to blog. I would love to share my life, to feel connected to others, and to feel significant.

There are mung beans sprouting on my counter. Now their destiny is to be eaten, but if I’d blog about them, they would be a shared experience.

When I calmly weather a tantrum, no one notices. It is over in 30 seconds. But a blog post could be a concrete, everlasting monument to my self control.
Honestly, though, cynical me has a point. Just because there is text existing somewhere in cyberspace doesn’t make these experiences eternal.

And who is to say that my life is not significant?

I think I will start a movement called “Lives Matter”. Deep in my heart, I know that lives matter. Small actions make a difference. Nothing is forgotten, nothing is for naught.

This moment’s decisions shape the next, and together they form an eternity. Forgotten, perhaps, but not lost.

Like a screw blending into a piece of furniture. It is not outstanding. Once screwed in, all forget that it was put there. But that doesn’t negate its existence.

I can take pride and pleasure in each moment. And remember that, blog or no blog, shared or alone, lives do matter.


  1. Loved this!

  2. Writing an article is a type of blogging. 🙂

  3. We have gotten to the point where if we haven’t photographed it, shared it, written or talked about it with others… preferably a few thousand others… it’s almost like it didn’t happen.

  4. Your “non” blog article affected me!!! Loved it!

  5. Gotta make bumper stickers that say “lives matter”

  6. Hadassah

    I teach my students that all mitzvos we do are eternal. Hashem keeps them in a treasure box for us. Whether or not we realize it, write about it, blog it, photograph it, Hashem is keeping records, or videos of our entire lives! I am sure He is a better videographer than I will ever be!
    I find it interesting that so many of us have cynical, or negative comments running through our heads… Reading your blog Chana reminds me to fix that! Im ain ani Li – Mi li? (haven’t figured out how to access my Hebrew font in this mode). We need to be our own best supporters!

    • I wanted to say the same thing! Blogging is the physical parallel of what Hashem does for us in the spiritual world. Maybe the whole blogosphere phenomenon was created to remind us exactly of just that…..

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