The Royal Wedding-Shavuot Connection

The Royal Wedding-Shavuot Connection

This past Saturday, at the exact moment I lit candles to usher in the festival of Shavuot, the marriage of the Jewish people to the King of the Universe at Mt. Sinai, 2 billion people around the globe were watching a different kind of royal wedding.

As we Jews prepared to learn all night from our Holy Torah (while consuming a lot of cheesecake and even more coffee) those 2 billion viewers were also hearing words of Torah, as the joining of this young couple was accompanied by the following powerful words from the Hebrew Bible…



  1. Wow. How ironic that there was a high-profile (albeit non-Jewish) wedding on Erev Shavuot, the eve of our marriage to Hashem. Definitely makes us stop and think which one got more of our attention…

  2. WOW thank you so much for making the connection!

  3. I live in London and to be honest, the main subject of interest at the tikkun leyl shavuot at the liberal jewish synagogue was not the royal wedding but the FA cup match between manchester and chelsea. 🙂

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