Getting to Mikveh in Hurricane-Hit New Orleans by Bluma and Malki Rivkin of Chabad New Orleans

Getting to Mikveh in Hurricane-Hit New Orleans by Bluma and Malki Rivkin of Chabad New Orleans

As most of you know, here in New Orleans, Louisiana, we are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. There is no power at all in the city. And due to various issues, there may be no power for at least a week or for a few weeks!
Tonight we just took our first lady to the mikveh in this no-power zone. Tremendous mesirus nefesh, walking with lanterns through a pitch black alleyway to the mikveh, then into a dark mikveh building which is stifling hot as well, no power, no air conditioning. It is close to 100 degrees here and extremely humid.
But we kept saying-it’s easier than what they had to do in Russia.😉
Please pray for restoration of electricity and normal conditions.
May this be the last mitzvah done with mesirus nefesh needed to tip the scales and bring the Geulah now!

Read more about the New Orleans mikveh at:…/Mikvah-Chaya-Mushka.htm

Here’s an earlier report from the Rivkins posted the morning after the hurricane:
BH we woke up to sunny skies after a hot, stormy night .
Lots of damage and debris all around.
We are all worried about our stocked fridges and freezers- no power. Its boiling hot without a/c.
Major electrical structures from the city fell into the Mississippi River so the city is saying it could be days or weeks before power is restored. School will be closed for the duration of the week. Interstate is closed in many areas due to debris, damage, and flooding. People are trying to get out.
So today the city is just assessing what’s going on and how to advise the public how to proceed.
Anyway..we are hanging in and trying to stay calm.
Trying to figure out what are the needs of the community, staying in touch with community members and helping with relief.
May we share good news!


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