The COVID Vaccine and Women’s Fertility Health: Separating Facts from Rumors (8-Minute Important Video)

The COVID Vaccine and Women’s Fertility Health:  Separating Facts from Rumors (8-Minute Important Video)

An educational event sponsored by PUAH

From the moment the COVID-19 vaccination campaign began, PUAH’s phone lines have been ringing off the hook. As an organization well-known throughout the greater Jewish community for helping couples fulfill their dreams of building a healthy family, hundreds of anxious women were now turning to us to get their questions answered: Will the vaccine affect my fertility? Or: There are rumors that the vaccine can cause miscarriages. Is this true?

In response to this great and urgent demand for answers to these and other concerns about the vaccine, PUAH produced a livestream webinar on January 5th about the new COVID-19 vaccine as it relates to women’s health (watch the entire webinar here.)

The large attendance of over 2600 viewers showed just how eager women were for real information from the experts about this vaccine, and to clear up the confusion of all the rumors swirling around. Our program featured two world-renowned medical experts: Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt and Dr. Eve Feinberg.


*Despite the novelty of the COVID-19 pandemic, the science behind the vaccine is not novel at all. The same scientific technique has been successfully used in the field of oncology for more than a decade.
*The technique does not use any part of the actual coronavirus, making it impossible for the vaccine to cause any risk of contracting COVID, or of testing positive for COVID. While there have been some cases of people testing positive following their first dose of the vaccine, this was not a result of the vaccine; these individuals had all been unknowingly harboring the virus prior to their innoculation.
*There is no thought or data, that shows that a mRNA vaccine would negatively impact fetal development; it doesn’t actually cross the placenta at all. (Dr. Feinberg). A pregnant woman who receives the vaccine with mRNA will develop antibodies but then the mRNA leaves; it does not pass into the fetus. Therefore, this woman will now have antibodies to fight off the coronavirus.
*There is no reason to wait until a certain point in the pregnancy to receive the vaccine – at no point is there a risk of harm to the fetus.
*A lactating woman can safely receive the vaccine.
Before signing off, Rabbi Segelman encouraged all listeners to reach out to PUAH’s confidential hotline with any questions related to reproductive health. The hotline number is 718.336.0603 and emails can be sent to


  1. Thank you Chana Jenny! I really appreciate you posting this!

  2. Did they share any data about getting vaccinated preventing transmission? I’d consider getting it to protect others, but from what I understand right now there is no proof that the vaccine will provide any herd immunity.

  3. Important post Chanah Jenny!! Thanks for posting

  4. Monica Haddad

    As a medical malpractice, personal injury lawyer, here is my cross examination for Dr. Feinberg:

    Me: Docter, you stated, did you not, and I quote, “There is no thought, there is no data, that shows that a mRNA vaccine would negatively impact fetal development; it doesn’t actually cross the placenta at all.”

    Dr.: Yes, of course I said that.

    Me: Doctor, you will agree with me that in the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine trials with 44,00 participants, not one of the participants was a pregnant woman, correct?

    Dr. Well, yes that is correct.

    Me: And just to be clear Doctor, the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) that was issued by the FDA, for the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine, clearly states that the vaccine is an, “INVESTIGATIONAL VACCINE” does it not?

    Dr. Yes.

    Me: And Doctor, the word INVESTIGATIONAL means EXPERIMENTAL does it not?

    Dr: You lawyers ar always trying to twist things around!

    Me: Again, Dr. NOT ONE OF THE COVID-19 VACCINE TRIALS was INVESTIGATED (EXPERIMENTED) on pregnant women was it?

    Dr. NoI said that already.

    Me: Doctor, you may step down (from the witness stand). I have no further questions. Thank you.

    • There are currently 10 woman in advanced stages of pregnancy that are hospitalized with corona in Israel in critical condition. May Hashem send them a speedy recovery. Given this, doctors have to make their best recommendation given the risk / benefit ratio, and medical knowledge.

    • cool, fun having a malpractice lawyer at
      by the way, dr. feinberg mentioned that some pregnant women actually had been given the vaccine during the trials, inadvertently. And there was no impact. But I don’t know if the amount of pregnant women who received it was large enough to prove anything

  5. Hadassah Aber

    This was important to be shared. I hope that those who need the vaccine will get it. The negative rumours are so scary that people tend to believe them even if they have no basis. I suppose that is true for all Loshon Hora, it develops a life of its own! Thanks again for getting to the root of the truth!

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