How to Raise a Daughter Who Wants to Become a Mom (4-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

How to Raise a Daughter Who Wants to Become a Mom (4-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Western women are fleeing from marriage and motherhood, here’s how to raise a daughter who truly looks forward to becoming a JewishMOM.


  1. i think we dont show enough to our kids that we simply enjoy being with them; being obsessed with having my own activities show to the kids that we want to escape because family life is boring or hard…i think that daughters need to see a mom happy in her home and that will help her want to be a mom too.

    • Gabrielle

      Its good to take a moment to focus on the things we truly enjoy spending time doing in our family life and make a point of doing them in our daughters’ view. This could be different for everyone… Sitting and playing with the baby, singing and dancing with the small children, whatever scenario in which you actively enjoy your children.

    • JewishMom

      that is a good point, it’s very important that our daughters see us enjoying motherhood.

      But I also think that while parenting is sometimes fun, it’s also a lot of work, and not all of this work is enjoyable (it’s not called AVODAT Hashem for nothing).

      If you or other moms don’t need time off from your kids to feel that pleasure with your kids, I’m in awe of you!

      But most moms (myself very much included) need time away from our kids to recharge, to do things that are enjoyable for us, outside of mothering our children, in order to be happy, thriving moms who enjoy our kids when we are with them.

      An important rav once said “mental health is a prerequisite for Avodat Hashem,” and i believe that taking time for self care away from the kids is, for most moms, a necessary ingredient for her mental health and her and her family’s wellbeing.

      • you are right we need time for ourselves and be great mentally but today most mothers are most of the time away working or doing all sorts of things and i dont think that it is what make your daughters want to be moms too. i think that if we show them that being with the children is a great pleasure and even an honor they will want to do the same. it doesnt depend on our me time even if organising me time is important

  2. I LOVE this 🙂
    I think I often feel that it’s almost holy to hate housework or being pregnant and I actually like both… Shhh don’t tell anyone! 😛
    But really, why not to enjoy the amazing blessings that these means, ability to carry a baby and having a home? Why not to feel grateful also? Not that it’s always easy but it doesn’t mean it can’t be pleasurable also. Doesn’t mean you need to go and rub it in with someone who has a particular challenge in that area eg they really hate cleaning or have a difficult pregnancy but I wish it wasn’t seen as such an acceptable topic to complain about all the issues to do with being a Jewish wife and mother.

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