Natanel Haziza: We Are Grateful for the 21-Year Wait (1-Minute Inspirational Video)

Natanel Haziza: We Are Grateful for the 21-Year Wait (1-Minute Inspirational Video)

Last week, Natanel Haziza and his wife, Leah, celebrated the birth of their baby, Tiferet, with family and friends.

In his beautiful speech, Natanel explained why today they feel gratitude for the long journey to parenthood that they endured.


  1. Sarah Chaya

    Mazal tov! B”H!!!!!
    That you enjoy only nachat from Tiferet!
    That you and your family raise her to Torah, mitzvot, Chuppah, and maasim tovim!
    Enjoy after waiting for her so long!
    B”H ha’tov v’ ha’metiv!!!!!!!

  2. I don’t know how I missed this party!
    Mazel tov. Mazel tov. Overwhelmed with emotion, this must be at the top of the list of best bsorot I’d heard this decade.
    May Hashem grant you two with continued growth and shalom bayit, and only joy from all of the blessed challenges of raising a child.
    May you merit more children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.
    Much love, Noga

  3. Roberta Carasso

    Dearest Leah, Natenel, and beautiful baby Tiferet,

    Your story is a light to us all. It tells us just a little bit of how Hashem helps us overcome limitations and difficulties. All those learning of the birth of Tiferet are now changed. The child has influenced more people than we can realize.

    Who knows how many infertile couples Tiferet has and will help? Who knows of the Emunah Tiferet has brought into the world?

    Through this sweet little child, Hashem shows his love and teaches us all. Never give up. Hashem has His timetable. We need to Trust.

    MAZEL TOV. This makes me and so many very HAPPY,


  4. MAZEL TOV! May you be blessed to keep savoring this awesome simcha!
    With love from Bracha in Baltimore

  5. Mazel Tov!
    May you raise her to Torah, Chupah, and masim tovim! And continue to have a home filled with emunah and simcha and shalom biet!

    from Houston

  6. Mazal Tov from Modiin!!

  7. Mazal Tov! May you enjoy each moment!
    May you raise Tiferet easily – and raise her to Torah, Chupah and Ma’asim Tovim!!!!!!!!

    – -Iva in Yerushalayim

  8. Rachel Aviner

    mazal tov from yerushalayim!!

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