The Greatest Gift G-d Gave Me is ADHD (30-Second Inspirational Video)

The Greatest Gift G-d Gave Me is ADHD (30-Second Inspirational Video)

Rabbi Kobi and Racheli Dvir of Mitzpe Ramon have 8 children, all of whom have ADHD.

Their son, David, now 24, was severely hyperactive as a child. He could not sit in class and even though he was extremely intelligent, he did not learn how to read well until he was in 8th grade.

Today, b”H, David is 24 and married, and in addition to being a remarkably gifted carpenter, this young man who once couldn’t read, after serving three years in the IDF, today is passionate about devoting his entire day to Torah study in yeshiva.

Rabbi Kobi and Racheli Dvir give lectures to parents and teachers across Israel, advising parents and teachers how to empower ADHD kids and enable them, like their son David, to achieve their (often extremely well) hidden potential.


  1. great video. young man has tremendous hakoras hatov towards his parents. just a question, how do you deal with the schooling today when principals,teachers,tell you, your child doesn’t fit in our school? whom do you turn to? years ago we worked at finding solutions for our children that needed help. now many schools(not all but many) will not take a child with adhd if they know beforehand. wishing all hatzlocha rabba,

    • JewishMom

      this family had a lot of difficulty getting their children into schools. B”H now, at least in Israel in the National religious community, there are quite a few new schools specializing in boys and girls with ADHD. Some mix agricultural work with regular high school

  2. I would like to know HOW his parents actually did that, helped him achieve his potential etc because it sounds great. Do you anything about that? Do they make videos or have they written about it?

    • JewishMom

      they spoke about this, and I don’t remember exactly (because they discussed other children as well), but for this child at certain periods in his childhood they gave ritalin. At others, they took him to a special center in Nachalim for children with ADHD which uses other techniques. With this specific child, they needed to do a ton of work with eye exercises–in Hebrew he had something called a problem of מיקוד ראיה (can anyone translate?). Kids with ADHD have higher rates of issue–which makes reading difficult.

  3. I don’t disagree that there is some strength in some of the characteristics of ADHD but I feel in today’s world and in today’s schools there is even less patience for kids with ADHD and there is such a misunderstanding of what ADHD really is (as said above that these kids wont be accept). Dr Barkely who is one of the world’s most experienced expertise in ADHD says we actually do a disservice to our kids with ADHD by calling them gifted because then schools and the govt don’t see why they need help, after all, they are gifted. I just experienced this myself with a kid who had a didactic evaluation and was told this is not enough for the school to give her help, she doesn’t look problematic enough. This is a kid who struggles with reading and math!! See this post for a good summary of Dr Barkely ideas

  4. Rochel Horan

    Shows us the power and gift of unconditional love! Such inspirational parents! Thanks so much for sharing

  5. Thanks for this validation. I also use this same line to people who look at me with sympathy: “ADHD is a strength, not a disability”

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