I am Grateful For the Crumbs Under My Table

I am Grateful For the Crumbs Under My Table


  1. This is so nice, would love to hang this up. Any idea how?

  2. Devorah Moldovsky

    Shabbat Shalom

  3. Toilets to clean = bodies functioning as they should!!!

  4. Just saw this and absolutely love it! I don’t know if anyone here has the same “pet peeve” but I BH live in a community that is relatively well-off with big beautiful houses and lots to do for kids for free, including good education, it’s safe and there are many young couples with many children. For some reason, it’s become “fashionable” to complain about this “oooh, I have young kids, I’m so tired, poor me”, “my cleaner charges too much, I can’t cope!”, “oh no I’m pregnant and so tired!” etc etc etc. And yet actually we live in a true paradise. How many women in the world would love to have a large house full of healthy happy children and a healthy husband? I’m pretty sure most women in the world clean their own houses anyway and cleaners are a luxury of the rich to them. What about the women who spend years and all their savings on trying to have a baby? I think everyone should put this poster up on the wall!

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