Fill in the Blank and win $50!

Fill in the Blank and win $50!

Tishrei’s holiday marathon=majorly busy JewishMOMs.

But we cannot do everything! And I wanted to ask you, JewishMOM, what do you NOT do?

Just fill in the blank in this next sentence (and in addition to providing validation for other moms around the globe, you just might be one of our two $50 winners–contest details below).

As a JewishMOM, I juggle many responsibilities. But my happiness, health, and ability to be a calm wife and mother are more important than being a superwoman. That’s why I do not ___________. (LEAVE YOUR CONTEST SUBMISSIONS IN THE COMMENTS OR ON THIS POST ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE)

Here’s what inspired this contest.
I just read what might possibly be my all-time favorite Family First article in the new Succot issue: “The Anti-Superwoman” by Riki Goldstein.

Riki writes: “Sometimes, the women around us seem to be riding the waves of the increasingly sophisticated expectations of frum life. They work full-time (as CEOs or entrepreneurs), cook gourmet meals every night, host, are chesed powerhouses, raise huge families beautifully, bake stunning cakes for every birthday and siyum, dress their kids to the nines, stay fit, keep a spotless home, and find time for friendships too.”

The article goes on to feature 6 JewishMOMs who have realized that they cannot do it all and also be happy, healthy people and calm mothers and wives.

One featured anti-superwoman doesn’t bake, one doesn’t host, another barely cooks. One gave up her prestigious career so she could have more energy for her family, another has a messy house, another doesn’t dress her daughters in matching outfits like her sisters and sisters-in-law do.

What an important message to get out to JewishMOMs! Especially now, with all the responsibilities that fall upon us we prepare and feed/dress/entertain/clean up after our families/ (then sleep, repeat) over Succot.

So I decided to have a fill-in-the-blank contest. There will be 2 winners: one you readers will vote for among the semifinalists, and another chosen at random on the Thursday of Succot (September 27).

Anti-superwomen of the world, unite!


  1. I do NOT shine my windows. I hate doing it. Once in a while when I get a cleaning lady I ask her to do it.

  2. I do not make desserts – Theyre usually time consuming to make and I get frustrated if they don’t come out right or look like the pictures from the magazines. With cooking there’s more leeway.

    I just fresh fruit and store bought cake.

  3. I don’t people please!

  4. Blima Spetner

    I don’t iron

  5. care all that much what others are doing. 🙂

  6. I don’t make fancy food, just the tried and tested favorites.

  7. I don’t answer the phone or the door if I’m busy with my kids or in the middle of something and don’t feel like getting dressed.

  8. Shira Schreier

    I don’t miss my swim in the pool every afternoon 6/7 (excluding Shabbat) including 10 minutes in the Jacuzzi followed by a hot shower – no matter how busy I am or what’s going on. Everything else will wait and I’ll be much happier and more productive afterward.

  9. Dani margolies

    Only one? Hmm… I do not keep clothes in my closet that will never fit this real life Ima body!

  10. Shoshana Rachel

    That’s why I do not ask my husband to leave yeshiva. I would love to have that ability to sit all day like my husband and learn Torah all day every day!
    But I don’t have this, I leave to my husband and I truly believe there is no better person in the world to learn Torah, like my husband.
    Eretz Yisrael cannot be with out those who can learn Torah.
    Chag Sameach

  11. Buy weekly frum magazines. (Between the lavish ads, lavish recipes, and onslaught of other women’s btwn-the-lines values and standards– I’m more confident, content, healthy & grounded without em.)

  12. clean the house.

    years ago i realized that i only had enough energy to either cook or clean.

    and no, we can’t afford a cleaning lady! so i divided up the cleaning jobs amongst my kids and said “good-bye” to “eat-off-the-floor” expectations…

  13. I don’t fold the laundry, just sort and put away. Sometimes I’ll pair the socks for family members who will have a hard time getting dressed otherwise.

  14. Love this contest! I stopped doing the food shopping when my now 6 week old was born. I used to be very controlling about it – eventhough my husband volunteered to do it-and it had to be my way or the highway. However the thought of bringing a newborn and a two year old shopping when the older ones were in school was overwhelming enough that I caved in and now my husband happily does the food shopping and I happily don’t have to shlepp the two kids!

  15. I do not miss my twice a week workout! It’s what I need to remain sane!

  16. I don’t compare myself to others

  17. I stopped feeling guilty about not having more company than I can handle.

  18. wow, I love all your responses! I love this contest:) Others can submit answers until Tuesday midnight EST…

  19. I do not forget to daven to Hashem every day to help me raise HIS children and guide me in raising them while knowing my boundaries. Once this is done I am set!

  20. I do not do a lot of things (all the above, lol) . Thank you everyone for sharing, validates me (not that I need it! Right Surie? )

  21. I do not write a blog inspiring Jewish women (but I admire you for it!!!)

    I also do not make fancy desserts, don’t host beyond the minimum of people who really need a place, do not wash my windows and plenty more…

  22. i do not take off from work on erev chag.
    i have to get dressed ,leave the house, and be nice for a few hours,
    and when i come home- everything waits for me patiently..

  23. I do not bathe my children every night.

  24. I have a severely autistic son and friday/shabbos is extremely stressful as it is. That is why I don’t make shabbos more stressful than it has to be.
    Which means: we don’t have guests(even though at some point this was a big part of our lives), don’t use real dishes, I don’t cook fancy foods or bake challah, and if I don’t feel up to it, I will buy ready-made food. I try to make it special for my family by having good (store bought) cake and chocolate milk for kiddush…
    And I tell myself that what my kids will remember are the positive memories in life, not what I think is missing, and hopefully learn how to deal with stress in the way that is most effective:)

  25. Ronit Friedman

    I do not fill the role of Rabbanit at the shul where my husband became the Rav. My role as imma takes precedence for now.
    I did not try to survive Yom Kippur on my own. I got a mother’s helper to help me through the day.
    I also do not attend all shul simchas, only when I feel I can.

  26. I don’t separately mix the wet and dry ingredients..if my one bowl cake is a bit denser these days, my kids surely haven’t noticed!

  27. I do not plan day trips for children hamoed. We go to the park. No zoo, concerts, amusement parks, etc for us…

  28. I do not catch up on other people’s lives if I feel their accomplishments will trigger jealousy and cause me to look down on myself or my life situation.

  29. I do not do laundry on Thursday nights/Fridays. One less thing to distract me from entering Shabbat peacefully.

  30. I do not always jump to make chesed meals (even though I wish I could more often); I have to put my own family’s needs first.

  31. I don’t fight over stupid things but choose my battles.

  32. I do not drink my tea/coffee cold. It seems to me that cold coffee spilled in the sink at the end of an afternoon with the kids has become a super-mom status symbol… I drink my tea while it’s still hot. Steaming.

  33. This is just awesome. I am not superwoman because when I host, I ask guests – whether they be family or friends – to make a dish or more. Not worth greater anxiety to do it all.

  34. I do not work outside the home in order to have koach to take care of my family and home.I am loving this contest :-D!

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