A Happy Mother

A Happy Mother

The other day I attended a class, and at the beginning we went around the room and introduced ourselves.
One woman introduced herself as a teacher. Another as a stay-at-home mother. Another as a retired accountant with 9 grandchildren, KA”H.
But one young mother said something that surprised me. And it surprised me that it surprised me.
This mother, a graceful British woman, said: “I have 6 children. I work a bit, but my true joy is being at home with my kids.”
And since I heard her say that, I’ve been imagining this young mother…
Reading a story to her child.
Feeding her newborn.
Making challah for Shabbos.
Overseeing bathtime.
Setting her table.

And savoring it! Loving it!

What greater blessing could we possibly ask for?
For mothers far and near…
To not only be blessed with Jewish children and a Jewish home, as we all have been, b”H.
But to feel the blessing that mother feels, and to make her joy our own.


  1. This struck a chord with me because I too am a british mother of 6 who works from home occasionally and gets extreme satisfaction from caring for my family and maintaining my home.
    But I am not always graceful…

  2. I think most mother’s would be satisfied and feel the blessing of motherhood and domestic life if their children were good. I wonder how many mother’s of difficult children enjoy it and feel it’s a blessing: I have make do with simply feeling the blessing of having the unending energy to cope with my very challenging household. The main thing is to see the blessings, whatever they are.

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