Toddlers Make Flour Blizzard in Living Room (3-Minute Funny Video)

This happened to me once, but it was with salt, not flour.


  1. That was all from ONE bag of flour?!

    Well, I noticed that the lamp was still intact. At least they didn’t break anything.

    The other day when I was FINALLY ready to hit the sack, I discovered that my girls had unzipped my brand new nursing pillow (like a body pillow), let out some of the styrofoam beads, and then hid the evidence under my blanket. I was beside myself.

  2. my kids once did something similar with left-over potato starch from pessach…at times like this you can either laugh or cry/scream. I can tell you that I did not laugh.

  3. Wow, we need to count how many times this lady said “Oh my gosh” in 3 minutes. Where was she? Did she conk out or something? This kind of mess takes an awful long time to create! Anyhow, she gets the Saint-of-the Month award for not reacting. The kids could not have been cuter…”Whats the matter, Mommy? Look!” LOL…However, Cleaning this up takes a lot less imagination than the mess I too starkly remember from a couple of decades ago: thick globs of Vaseline smeared across the carpet and all the furniture in the kids’ bedroom! Resourcefulness thankfully overcame insanity. I actually used flour! Rubbed it into all the goo until it practically swept itself away (oh here I go sounding like Helpful Hints from Heloise).

  4. Whatareyoutalkingabout

    Fake, yet funny.

  5. When my son was around 3, I remember a Shabbat afternoon, when I dozed off on the couch and woke up to nail polished toys, floor, & little sister. Then there was the time that he painted the living room walls & carpet with zinc diaper rash cream! I felt like the woman in the video- just too stunned to process the mess…

  6. The way the flour is evenly distributed over the entire room leads me to believe that it was staged. When a kid pours out flour it can land in large piles but to so evenly decorate each sofa, chair, and hallway, I really have a hard time believing the toddlers did it.

  7. Yes we had the vaseline episode too. It was right (2 min before) our last 3-day Yom Tov! It was all over their bodies and hair. I left it in for all those 3 days and had a good laugh with everyone who saw it. It was funny to me only because my girls are angels in that sense and have never done anything like that. I was proud to have finally joined that crowd!

  8. ‘ya try topping israeli chocolate spread …all over him and everywhere he went and touched

  9. She’s remarkably calm! At least it wasn’t liquid or something crunchy – my kids poured a box of coco-pops all over the kitchen floor and tried to ‘swim’ in it: snap, crackle and pop! That was fun (not).

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