The JewishMOM $50 Chanukah Contest

The JewishMOM $50 Chanukah Contest

Every JewishMOM is a candle, who lights up the darkness.

Do you know a Jewish mother who inspires you in the particular way she lights up the world?

Tell us about this inspiring JewishMOM (in 500 words or less) or make a video about her (7 minutes or less) and send it to me before Chanukah at (to send a video file, you can contact me there for my Email address). The women you nominate may remain anonymous.

Every day of Chanukah I will post a different semifinalist, and on the last day of Chanukah I will choose a winner at random among the semifinalists.
The randomly chosen winner will receive the grand prize of $50, as well as another winner chosen at random among all the submission.

I am so looking forward to receiving your submissions!


  1. I love that quote so much! And I think that Rabbi Noach Weinberg, of blessed memory, added this important insight: Though it may involve hard work, it is also the deepest pleasure to reveal our unique light.

  2. sorry i cant manage to send it through the contact page. How do i do it?

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