The Strangest Thing About Kids by Devorah Korolitzky

The Strangest Thing About Kids by Devorah Korolitzky

What is it with children?

They make me feel like a failure and they’re my biggest success

They’ve made me clean up my act and I feel like such a mess

Sometimes they scream and I have to bite my tongue to not yell back

They are my everything and highlight everything that I lack

I’ve lost my patience teaching patience, and I’m hardly kind about being kind

I want them to be mindful and I’m going out of my mind

I want them to grow up already and I want them to stay small

I want to be able to do my own thing and I want to be around if they fall

I’ve given all I’ve got and tomorrow I’ll have more to give

I want to run away yet they’re the reason that I live

I’ve never felt so weak and I’ve never felt so strong

And when I think I’m doing it right, I see I could be wrong

I’ve never felt so helpless and I’ve never felt so blessed

I get my energy from them, but I always want to rest

They make me want to laugh and they make me want to cry

They make me want to give up and they make me want to try

I know so much about being a mother and I also have no clue

Children really don’t make sense until they happen to you!


  1. She totally clinched motherhood with every single paradox.

  2. Wow, so true!
    The poem is genius!

  3. So nice!

  4. Perfectly true

  5. This is perfect

  6. I really enjoyed this poem!

  7. thank you! totally true

  8. This poem says it all and says it well.

  9. Needed to hear this today!!!!!!!

  10. Brilliant it is!

  11. Really really nice poem. Thanks to Devora Korolitzky for sharing.

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