Yaakov’s Broken Wrist

Yaakov’s Broken Wrist

This Tuesday, my 6-year-old Yaakov was the soccer goalie during recess, and while stopping a ball his wrist got broken.

This is actually the first time a child of mine has had a broken limb. And it’s made me realize that when (you’re right-handed and) your right hand’s in a cast, many everyday actions became much more difficult to do:

Eat anything using a fork or spoon.
Close (or open) a zipper.
Tie shoes.
Put on a sweater.
Put on a coat (Yaakov’s happy about that part).
etc. etc.

So when Yaakov found out yesterday that he had broken his wrist, and with his eyebrows squished together in deep distress he cried out: “But Eema! That means I won’t be able to…” I expected he was about to say, “write in class,” or “eat oatmeal” (his favorite food), or “play soccer.”

But what he actually said was, “That means I won’t be able to say Shema Yisrael if I can’t cover my eyes with my right hand!”

My pure-hearted tsaddik!

And then added: “And if Yoni’s bothering me, how will I punch him?”

Well, sort of.


  1. Dani margolies

    Haha I love it. Refua shleima!!

  2. There is something about boys that make mothering fun!

  3. Isn’t it so rewarding when you see a little peak into the way all your efforts are shaping your children’s inner thoughts. So sweet!

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