The Cardiologist’s Preemie Miracle

The Cardiologist’s Preemie Miracle

As told by Rabbi Fischel Schachter

I was in Detroit this week when a Jewish man came over to me. He looked like a typical rabbi or man in kollel, but, it turned out, he was neither. He is a pediatric cardiologist, and, in fact, he happens to be a very famous pediatric cardiologist named Dr. Elliot Yitzchak Weinhouse. Whenever he has a chance, he’s learning Torah. He’s a true tsaddik, a holy man.

Dr. Weinhouse shared the following story with me. Years before he had been in Israel, treating a premature baby and something was very wrong. The baby’s heartbeat was up to 300 beats a minute which meant, he realized, that the baby had only about 10 minutes to live. The baby’s tiny heart was about to close down. Dr. Weinhouse tried every medication in the book. And nothing was working. Then he tried every medication beyond the book. And still, nothing worked. All the interns were standing around him because he was the senior doctor on duty. And after doing everything medically possible, and nothing was working, and he knew he only had minutes, Dr. Weinhouse burst into tears and lifted up his hands and said, “Master of the Universe, there’s nothing more medically that can be done! You take over…” And then Dr. Weinhouse and all the interns turned and watched as the baby’s heart rate, finally, went down.

“What can I tell you?” Dr. Weinhouse told me, “I’ve seen the Master of the Universe. In fact, I see Him all over the place.”

As Rabbi Meir Gueta writes in his book Tnufat HaOmer, on Lag BaOmer we recognize “that the world we see is just the tip of the iceberg. Behind it are infinite worlds. There are forces of holiness and spirituality which are actually driving the world. Only through connecting with the Master of the Universe, the source of all power is a person able to impact and change those worlds.”

And, in Dr. Weinhouse’s case, save lives.

Watch Rabbi Schachter telling this story, as well as another incredible one

*And speaking of medical miracles, thank you for your prayers for Ruthie Saunders, Rut Ahava bat Sora Masha. Despite her doctor’s dire predictions, Ruthie was released from the ICU, and a few days ago she was sent home from the hospital! Her doctor said her survival is “unbelievable.” Please keep on praying for Rut Ahava bat Sora Masha!


  1. Baruch Hashem!! I am so happy!!! Hashem should send her a complete healing!! And all the sick in Israel! Amen! And a refuah shelayma to my daughter, Leeba Miriam Geula bas Leah.

  2. I don’t know how I missed this post, I’m reading it now, a year and a half later! Anyway, Dr Weinhouse was my neighbor growing up. I was friends with his daughter and at their house all the time!

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