How Bibi Netanyahu Cured my Son’s Stutter

How Bibi Netanyahu Cured my Son’s Stutter

Israel’s prime minister has been having an incredibly rough 24 hours. As of last night, he is the first presidentially-chosen prime-ministerial candidate following elections to find himself unable to build a coalition. Re-elections have been scheduled for this coming September.

But in the Weisberg home this week, Bibi was the source of a major victory. I’ve written before about my 6-year-old Yaakov’s stutter. It comes and goes. And B”H, it more goes than comes. But sometime around Purim Yaakov’s stutter came back with a fury and stayed, refusing to budge. Yaakov literally couldn’t get out a single sentence without stuttering and stuttering over the first word.

So we decided the time had come for Yaakov to see a speech therapist. Yaakov’s first appointment and second appointment helped a little. But then, this past Sunday, Yaakov came home, to my amazement, completely stutter free. And I haven’t seen a trace of it since.

So you are probably wondering, how did his speech therapist, Rachel Chazan, accomplish this incredible feat?

Easy. All she had to do was show Yaakov a short video of our prime minister delivering a speech. Talking sloowly, enunciating each word ever so clearly. And then she told him, “Yaakov, you speak quickly. But you know, important people who have important things to say speak slowly!”

So even though Bibi probably felt like he was the loser this week, for my Yaakov and the entire Weisberg family he was quite the opposite.


  1. Rachel F

    What a smart speech therapist! May it be a lasting refuah!

  2. As a speech therapist myself, I am definitely putting this in my “toolbox.” Thank you for sharing this!

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