A Good Mother

A Good Mother

My kids have been reminding me recently that I am NOT a perfect mother. When I heard this saying below, it was a balm for my aching eema soul.


  1. Very well said!!

  2. loved this one!

  3. Much needed today!

  4. Question to Weisberg children: Are you perfect children? Get back to me on that please…

  5. Would they really want a perfect mother? It can be a real handicap!
    Here are some of the drawbacks:
    1. Perfect is a hard act to follow,it can place unreasonable expectations upon the children and/or on the children’s spouses.

    2. A perfect upbringing does not give a child the opportunity to develop resilience and tools for dealing with challenges as an adult.

    3. The perfect home that you see elsewhere may not be as perfect as it looks.

    There is no such thing as one right way to do things. Especially in golus we have been given a job of sorting through possible actions and choosing the most suitable according to Torah for that particular situation

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