My Pain in the Neck

My Pain in the Neck

Yesterday, I was working my way through my to-do list for several hours, and my neck was stiff and aching. And I couldn’t figure out why.
And then I remembered something I learned from somebody, somewhere. 
And I tried to visualize what my pain looked like. And I saw in my mind’s eye that it looked like the oar to which a slave was shackled in the belly of an ancient ship. As the taskmaster roared “Pull! Pull!” 
And then I asked that pain what it was trying to tell me. And it told me, “You are a slave!”
And I looked down at my to-do list, and then I answered the pain, “No, I am not a slave! I do not have to take care of all these things now. Only if I want to.” 
And not long after that, the pain was gone.


  1. Sara Gallor

    Interesting. I sort of remember you writing about this. Can you elaborate on this concept more?

    • I don’t really know more about it. I think dina friedman mentioned this is one of her courses. when you have a pain, you imagine the color, the shape, and ask it what it wants to tell you. Anybody else know more about it? Where this approach comes from?

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