Why a Woman’s Prayer is More Powerful than a Man’s

Why a Woman’s Prayer is More Powerful than a Man’s

I heard this explanation from Rabbi Fischel Schachter, and I think it’s not only beautiful–it’s true!
“There’s a question about whether women are required to pray with a minyan, or not. So some people say “Here we go again! Judaism disrespects women.” But in fact, the reason women can pray on their own is just the opposite.
“The Maharal taught that women have the power to care for each other even if they aren’t physically located in the same place. A woman can be in her own home and she opens up her Psalms or her prayer book or just her heart, and she says, “I beg of you, Master of the Universe, help so-and-so…” And she’ll be thinking about somebody else’s suffering, or somebody’s upcoming birth or wedding, and she will pray for it to go well. Women have the power to connect with others, to pray with and for one another, even if they are not physically together.
“For men to pray with others, on the other hand, they have to physically be in one place. Men don’t group together well. You’ve got to push them, force them. That’s why they say 99% of support groups are made up of women. Men say, “I don’t need support! I’ll manage on my own!” So men, to get them to pray together, you have to pull them by their ears, pull them by their peyos, and put them into a room and say ‘OK, now pray together!’
“The Maharal also taught that the power of prayer with others is so much greater than praying on one’s own. When you pray with others, you get a group rate. You write a letter to a politician, you’ll get a polite response back: “Dear Sir, thank you for your request…” But if you say you represent 6000 voters, they look at you very, very differently. In Heaven, it’s the same thing. We get a group rate when we pray with others, as it says, “Hashem is never repulsed by prayer with the tsibur.”
“And the Maharal teaches that women accomplish that, even when they are physically alone because, in their hearts, they have the special power to always stand together.”


  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Rochel Leah Rotbard

    Deep beautiful and touches the heart because it’s so true!

  3. Loved this, thank you so much for sharing!

  4. so amazing and absolutely beautiful!

  5. It’s so interesting!!! Thank you!

  6. love this.
    Even when my day is so busy and overwhelming.
    And I zoom through morning brachot
    Even when I’m sitting in morning traffic
    I find my heart naturally reaching up to my Creator
    Asking quietly for Rachamim, for Health, for Yeshua

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