“The Cherry on Top”: Shira Shnerb’s Beloved Clothing Gemach

“The Cherry on Top”: Shira Shnerb’s Beloved Clothing Gemach

I first saw this video over a week ago, and I cannot get it out of my mind. I can’t stop thinking about the mother of Rina Shnerb HY”D, and the glorious smile she gets on her face when she mentions “the cherry on top” of her family’s many charity projects–her clothing gemach (charity store) for the families of Lod. Shira, tragically, and like too many Israeli mothers before her, has been pushed into the spotlight by her daughter’s murder in a terror attack. And whenever this happens (and I pray it never has to happen again) I have gotten used to being awe-struck by the families that make up the Jewish people. Strong, idealistic, profoundly good people dedicating their lives to building Israel and Am Yisrael. Like Shira Shnerb, whose “cherry on top” is a used clothing store in Lod, helping the people who need it most with dignity, dedication and genuine sisterly love.


  1. “Who is like Your nation,Israel, a unique nation in the land?”

    Compare this with interviews of Palestinian parents…..

    This reminds me of what was said by the father of terrorist victim Dvir Sorek Hy”d:”He had light in his eyes and someone with murder in his eyes took him.”

    This parsha includes the declaration that was said by the Jews, that they have given the tithes from their produce, and Hashem should bless them, paying kindness for kindness.
    We, the Jewish People have given our First Fruits, and much more than maaser! The sweetest and best of our nation, young ones and old, mothers,fathers, even unborn babies, have been plucked from the Land where their only desire was to serve HKB”H with love.
    “Hashkifa mimaon kadshecha: peer down from Your Heavenly Abode and bless your nation Israel, and the land…”
    Moshiach and geulah, now!

  2. Mina, thank you very much

    Your comments are deeply appreciated, always

    The way this family KEEPS SMILING…that’s what is inspiring me today

    thank you, Chana Jenny

  3. Such chessed,strength! Hamokom Yenachem Eschem.

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