My Internet Problem

My Internet Problem

For a few months now, my internet’s been turning off and on. Around 10 times on a good day, 20 on a less-good day.
But it doesn’t bother me so much. I just refresh the page a few times. And then, if that doesn’t work, I run the windows diagnostic thingamajig. Or restart my modem. Or just go and run an errand for half an hour or so, and by the time I come back home, the computer is as good as new.
Once, a few months ago, I spent an hour googling the issue and redefining stuff in the bowel of my pc that I never even knew needed defining in the first place. I was proud of myself. I thought I’d fixed it. But I guess I didn’t, because then it was back, bad as ever.
Anyway, this morning, don’t know why, I picked up the phone to my internet provider. After I told the customer service representative what the issue is, he said, “Yes, I’m looking at your account now, and I can see that it’s turned off many times today, even during this phone call.”
“Oh! I’m so happy you can see it!” It’s not just me! there is objectively a real problem here!
“So,Geveret, when did this start? Yesterday?”
“No, it’s been going on for a while, since the summer.”
“Really? Why didn’t you call right away?!” he asked with concern, “We would have sent a technician!”
“I don’t know…I really don’t know.”
Anyway, the internet technician is coming to fix my internet tomorrow morning. And I hope by this time tomorrow the problem will be a thing of the past.
Which has gotten me thinking.,,
I could have spent 5 minutes this past August making a call to fix this issue. But I felt, every single day, that I didn’t have the time to deal with the problem, So, instead, I spent at least 20 minutes a day refreshing and diagnostic thingamajigging and restarting.
Which makes me wonder what other irritating/frustrating/painful things in my home/body/life I unnecessarily put up with, rather than fixing the issue once and for all.


  1. every once in a while i grit my teeth and make “that” phone call.
    it’s amazing how easy it is, once i just actually do it.
    sometimes the problem is resolved immediately. sometimes it takes persistence. and sometimes the answer is “no”.
    and no matter what the actual outcome, my relief is so great that I am happy to finally be done with it.

    we worry ourselves unnecessarily much of the time. i keep telling myself to reserve those worry lines for “serious” situations…

  2. Hmm… let’s see… August? kids are home full time. Nope, can’t call. September? Recuperating from August, getting kids back on track, learning everyone’s new schedule, etc.
    October? Chagim.
    November? Recuperate from chagim, make a mammoth to-do list, get through it, and yep, now you’ve gotten to this item on your list.
    Hope your computer gets fixed easily, quickly and cheaply!

  3. Mina Gordon

    FIRST REACTION: Hey! That’s me!
    SECOND REACTION: Every PC and every smart phone has its resident ‘shaid’; and the king and queen of ‘shaidim’ live in the computer of government departments

  4. We have this problem, too. I don’t mean to be “that” person in the comments, but unfortunately our problem has persisted after THREE visits by the technician. It turned out to be a problem with our internal network card and wireless adapter, which we’ve managed to sort of fix, but it still happens… Hope yours really is a quick fix!

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